In Penelope Cruz movies you either love or hate her character. She has a track record of either portraying some endearing and loathsome characters. No matter what character she plays, one thing stays constant, and that is her beauty. She has a natural beauty that is undeniable, but also the acting talent to back her successful career. No matter what type of character she portrays, Penelope Cruz movies always have amazing storylines.

  1. "Blow" The movie is about the true life of drug lord George Jung. The movie depicts his rise and fall in the cocaine world, and details his personal life. Penelope Cruz portrays George's wife, Mirtha Jung. Mirtha is a money hungry girl, who only seems to be happy if she has the finer things in life. Her constant demand for the high life is another reason Jung fell deeper into the drug world. She is also the cause for him getting arrested more than once. This 2001 Penelope Cruz movie is one that you will not like her character.

  2. "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" Directed by Woody Allen, this Penelope Cruz movie gained the actress her first Oscar. The movie is set in Barcelona, and revolves around Juan Antonio, a painter with a jealous ex-wife played by Penelope Cruz. Juan meets two American tourists and begins an interesting relationship with the pair. Penelope Cruz's character, Maria Elena finds it hard to see her ex with other women, and it leads to emotional instability.

  3. "Vanilla Sky" The plot revolves around David Aames, a man who seems to have it all until a fatal accident changes everything. In this 2001 Penelope Cruz movie she plays Sofia, a beautiful woman David meets at his party. The two go home together, and when he leaves her apartment a jealous ex-lover is waiting outside. He accepts a ride from Julianna, and she drives them over a cliff which leaves her dead, and David's face disfigured. The rest of the movie involves David struggling to keep a relationship with Sofia while slowly losing his mind. This 2001 Penelope Cruz movie has a twist ending that will make you want to watch it over again.

  4. "Nine"  Penelope Cruz stars as Carla, the mistress of struggling film director Guido Contini. He is a popular and respected movie director who experiences creative blockage. Everyone expects him to have an amazing movie in the making but in reality he has nothing.  Penelope Cruz's character Carla only seems to cause more drama for Guido. She is overly dramatic and demands more time than he can give her. "Nine" is a dramatic musical, and Cruz sings and dances in the film.

  5. "Volver" Released in 2006, this Penelope Cruz movie earned the actress an Oscar nomination. The plot revolves around a family, which is headed by Raimunda, Penelope Cruz's character. Raimunda and her sister lost their parents years ago in a fire, and when their aunt passes away the girls go back to their hometown. They bring Raimunda's daughter along, and once there the dead seem to come alive.

-Natalie Kuchik