Although it might come as some surprise, “Not Another Teen Movie” actors are actually quite famous in their own right, independent of this film.  From television comedies to films, these actors and actresses have been in some substantial productions.  These performers are definitely worthy of respect and appreciation.

  1. Chyler Leigh - This actress from the film “Not Another Teen Movie” has been involved in show business in some form or another since the age of twelve, when she began modeling for magazines.  Since then she has gone on to establish herself as an actress worthy of respect, and since 2007, she has occupied a particularly prominent role in the hit series “Grey’s Anatomy.”  This is one actress from “Not Another Teen Movie” that has definitely shown that she has a great deal of talent and versatility.

  2. Chris Evans - In addition to occupying a starring role in “Not Another Teen Movie,” Chris Evans is an actor who has been in a number of hit movies, including very popular action film “Fantastic Four” and its sequel.  Since then he has been almost constantly involved in a number of films, and he is currently slated to play Captain America in the upcoming film “Captain America:  The First Avenger.”  This is one actor who has certainly shown himself to be able to act in a number of different genres.

  3. Jaime Pressly - This very beautiful actress from “Not Another Teen Movie” has been involved in the modeling industry for several years and in several countries.  She is probably best known, however, for her recurring role in the very popular series “My Name Is Earl,” in which she plays Joy Turner.  This actress has also been involved in a number of other film projects, including “I Love You, Man” and the television series “Jack and Jill.”

  4. Eric Christian Olsen - This “Not Another Teen Movie” actor has starred in a number of films and television series, and is particularly well-known for his prominent role in the popular crime drama “NCIS:  Los Angeles” as Marty Deeks.  He also had a regular role on the series “Brothers and Sisters,” in addition to numerous other roles in a variety of films and television series.