A Nicolas Cage movies list features many films that are an acquired taste. The actor has won an Academy Award but has also appeared in some horrendous films with some crazy over-the-top performances. Here are ten movies that rank as some of his better outings.

  1. “Raising Arizona”  The Coen brothers struck gold when they cast him and this remains one of the best on a Nicolas Cage movies list. He plays a criminal who marries a police officer. When they realize they cannot conceive a child, they kidnap one of a group of quintupelets to raise as their own.

  2. “Leaving Las Vegas”  The film that sits at the top of most Nicolas Cage movie lists, this is the one that won him an Academy Award. Cage plays a depressed man who goes to Las Vegas to drink himself to death. While there he meets a kindred spirit in a prostitute.

  3. “Con Air”  When it comes to guilty pleasures it does not get better than “Con Air.” He plays a former Army Ranger who is sentenced to prison for killing a man who assaulted his pregnant wife. He is released early but ends up on a plane that is hijacked by a group of dangerous criminals.

  4. “Face/Off”  Nic Cage and John Travolta portray mortal enemies in this John Woo action flick. Cage is a dangerous criminal and Travolta the cop who is trying to put him away. When Cage is captured, the police use a technique where they remove his face and put it on Travolta so he can try to stop a terrorist bombing.

  5. “City of Angels”  This film from the Nicolas Cage movies list is a remake of the German film “Wings of Desire.” Cage plays an angel who begins to watch a beautiful doctor played by Meg Ryan. He chooses to give up his role as an angel to become human to be with her.

  6. “Gone in Sixth Seconds”  This is another big budget action remake with Nic Cage playing a car thief who is forced out of retirement. When a powerful man threatens to kill his younger brother, Cage comes out of retirement to steal a large number of cars for the man in one night.

  7. “Adaptation”  This critically acclaimed movie is directed by Spike Jonze based on a script by Charlie Kaufman. In the movie, Cage plays Charlie Kaufman, a screenwriter who is attempting to adapt the novel “The Orchid Thief.” He also plays Charlie’s fictional brother Donald, another screenwriter.

  8. “Ghost Rider”  Nic Cage finally got to add a superhero movie to this Nicolas Cage movies list with “Ghost Rider.” Cage plays Johnny Blaze, a motorcycle stunt rider who signs a contract for his soul with the demon Mephistopheles in exchange for his father to be cured from cancer. Blaze becomes Ghost Rider to help the demon stop his son from taking over Hell.

  9. “National Treasure”  Nic Cage stars in this franchise about a treasure hunter who seeks out objects the Government prefers to remain hidden. In this first movie, he finds a hidden code on the back of the Declaration of Independence that leads him to a national treasure.

  10. “Kick-Ass”  In this comic book adaptation, Nic Cage channels Adam West for his portrayal of Big Daddy, a costumed crime fighter who, with his daughter Hit Girl, fights crime with extreme measures.