Any anime fan needs to know who the "Naruto" English voice actors are. Even if you are a purt and only watch the show in Japanese, it still helps to know about the "Naruto" English voice actors in order to get a full appreciation of how the show has evolved. Following you'll find just some of the many "Naruto" English voice actors, as well as the other places where they have lent their illustrious talents.

  1. Maile Flanagan. Besides lending her voice as the show's protagonist, Naruto, this lady has many titles to her name. She's appeared as auxiliary roles in films such as "(500) Days of Summer," "Yes Man," and "Phone Booth," and has appeared in a number of TV shows, such as "Reno 911!" and "The Office." She's also lent her talents to many video games, such as "Final Fantasy XIII," "Valkyria Chronicles II," and of course, all of the licensed "Naruto" titles.

  2. Kate Higgins. She's most known amongst the "Naruto" English voice actors as the pipes behind Sakura. However, she's also been The Scarlet Witch in "Wolverine and the X-Men" and Karin from "Blech." Morever, she has more video games to her credit than we can count, voicing characters such as Tails in the "Sonic" games and Tina Armstrong in the "Dead Or Alive" series. With these credits and many more, we know that Ms. Higgins in at unstoppable vocal talent.

  3. Brian Donovan. Besides filling the shoes of the enigmatic Rock Lee amongst the "Naruto" English voice actors, he's appeared in many TV series, such as "In Living Color," "Sabrina, The Teenage Witch," and "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman." He's also played Davis in the "Digimon" series and Salty in the 2010 animated film, "Alpha and Omega." That being said, he's got one of the more unique careers among the "Naruto" English voice actors.

  4. Liam O'Brien. When he's a part of the "Naruto" English voice actors, he plays the fan favorite Gaara. However, he's got one of the biggest careers when it comes to voicing video game characters. War from "Darksiders," the Ghost units in "Starcraft 2," Miguel from "Tekken 6," and Daniel Mason from "Red Faction Guerilla" are just some of the many roles he's filled within the past few years. Though he does not have any TV appearances, he more than makes up for it in his other anime voice work, including shows such as "Bleach," "Ergo Proxy," and "Paranoia Agent." In terms of work in the anime field, he's a force to be reckoned with.

These are just some of the many "Naruto" English voice actors that have lent their talents to this and many other shows. As you can see, you have more than likely heard the fruits of their talents elsewhere, even if you insist on watching "Naruto" with the Japanese language audio only.