There is nothing to be ashamed of for kicking back and revisiting a few Corey Haim movies. Once upon a time, there was a decade that introduced us to the Coreys. There was the rebellious smart-ass, Corey Feldman, and the lovable and nonthreatening, Corey Haim. Some flicks were joint efforts and some were solo projects. Take a gander at a few of Haim's finest.

"Secret Admirer" One of the lesser known, but seriously underrated teen romances of the 80s. Lori Loughlin and C. Thomas Howell are lifelong friends, but things become complicated when Howell hooks-up with Loughlin's sexy and popular friend (Kelly Preston). Since Loughlin is a tomboy and completely unaware of how truly beautiful she is (because that's the rule in movies), she feels like her love for her best friend (Howell) won't be reciprocated. Haim plays the little brother that ignites the unfolding of events through a misplaced secret admirer letter. The flick is basically "Pretty in Pink" and even more "Some Kind of Wonderful," but it's still good fun.

"Murphy's Romance" This was the film that gave Haim a chance to work with some big name actors including Sally Field and James Garner. Field stars in this  romantic comedy about a woman caught between the love of her ex-husband and a dreamy pharmacist (Garner). Her attempts to balance her hectic home life and new love interest are a struggle when her ex and son move back in with her. Haim plays Field's 12-year old son, and he is able to show off a bit of those acting chops he may be hiding later in his career.

"Lucas" In 1986, Haim finally landed a lead role at the tender age of 15 with the teen classic "Lucas." Haim plays an under-appreciated and misunderstood high school freshman whose awkwardness annoys some but endears many. When a pretty girl moves into town (the lovely Kerri Green) he jumps at the chance to make friends with her before the rest of the pretty, popular people capture her as their own. Charlie Sheen plays a jerky jock and Winona Ryder, in her first movie, plays Lucas's best friend who adores Lucas just as he is. Haim is charming and whimsical, and it's hard not to get a little teary eyed in the final scene. Go ahead, try.

"The Lost Boys" Possibly the most popular and beloved of the Corey Haim oeuvre, "The Lost Boys" was the first of many entries into the Coreys filmography. Michael (Jason Patric) and Sam (Haim) are brothers who are relocated to a fictional beach town after their parents divorce. Michael gets caught up with a gang that, whoops, may actually be vampires. Sam makes friends with the local comic-book store nerds (Feldman being one of them) who also claim to be vampire hunters.

"License to Drive" Les ( Haim) is finally able to take his driver's test and gain entry to a life he dreams of, as a licensed driver. But, alas, the test doesn't go over as well as he had hoped thus in the only solution to go out with the hottest girl in school (very pre-"Boogie Nights", Heather Graham); steal his grandpa's Cadillac. Hilarity somewhat ensues as he and his doofus friend (look it's Feldman again!) drive around all night occasionally losing the intoxicated dream girl. The movie may appear tiresome, but it's all worth it for the final line of dialogue, which shouldn't be spoiled, closing out to a Billy Ocean tune.

- Megan Bushree