In the latter part of her career, Mila Kunis sex scenes have been as common as Charlie Sheen benders. She has been on a roll with sex scenes that have her giving great pleasure to her man, although not bearing much skin for the rest of us to see. Nonetheless, these sex scenes are scintillating and get your heart racing.

  1. "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" Playing the cute hotel clerk, it’s not hard to see how Jason Segel could fall in love with her after his ba break up from Sarah Marshall, played by Kristen Bell. In a comical sex scene in the middle of the movie, her and Segal compete with Kristen Bell and Russell Brand in opposite rooms to see who is having the best sex session. Mila Kunis emerges as the clear winner.

  2. "Extract" Showing some cleavage and overall sexiness throughout the film, Mila Kunis has a short but sweet sex scene near the end of the movie. While not much is shown and the scene is criminally short, she sure brought a smile to Jason Bateman’s face as she fulfilled his one desire: to nail her.

  3. "Black Swan" Probably the most talked about and controversial sex scene of 2010, this is the Mila Kunis sex scene you have all been waiting for. Not only is it extremely hot, but it is with Natalie Portman for a double whammy sex scene. This lesbian scene is steamy, scandalous and downright sexy. This one will have you drooling for weeks after seeing.

-Nicholas Miles