The two main 'Men in Black' actors, stars of the original film, were Will Smith as Agent J, continuing his dominance of the Fourth of July weekend box office after "Independence Day," and Tommy Lee Jones as Agent K. Starring alongside these 'Men in Black' actors was the sultry, husky-voiced Linda Fiorentino, as Dr. Laurel Weaver, who works with the 'Men in Black.' Actors in the film other than these three play entirely peripheral characters, but of note also are Vincent D'Onofrio as Edgar the alien and Rip Torn as Chief Agent Zed. Here is what these 'Men in Black' actors have been up to since.

  1. Will Smith. Since his work in 'Men in Black,' Smith entered into more serious work alongside his usual blockbuster type roles in films like "I, Robot." He was nominated for his academy award as the great boxer Muhammad Ali in the film "Ali" in the most notable of these serious roles.

  2. Tommy Lee Jones. Jones, along with working with his fellow 'Men in Black' actors in the film's sequel, continued his impressive career in a wide variety of roles, ranging from an astronaut in the silly "Space Cowboys" to James Lee Burke's literary detective Dave Robicheaux in "In the Electric Mist." He had a particularly great year in 2007, when he starred in "No Country for Old Men" and won acclaim as a father trying to figure out the mystery of his soldier son's disappearance in "In the Valley of Elah.

  3. Linda Fiorentino. After her work with the 'Men in Black' actors, Fiorentino went on to play the woman potentially carrying the second coming of Christ in Kevin Smith's comedy poking fun at the Catholic Church, "Dogma." Since then, her career has been quiet, as she focuses on her family.

  4. Vincent D'Onofrio. This 'Men in Black' actor made the jump to television, taking the lead role of a brilliant yet quirky detective in "Law & Order: Criminal Intent." He is still most well-known to many movie fans as Gomer Pyle in "Full Metal Jacket."

  5. Rip Torn. Rip keeps busy with small roles in films like "Dodgeball" and TV appearances, like that alongside his fellow 'Men in Black' actor Vincent D'Onofrio on "Law & Order: Criminal Intent." He is a cult television favorite due to his work opposite Garry Shandling on "The Larry Sanders Show."

-Travis Petersen