Mel Gibson movies list span the star of someone who started out as a hunk with boy-next-door charm and exceptional good looks and ended up in more seasoned roles. Racists typically seek cover either under a sheet or hide behind closed-doors to make their hate-filled comments. Gibson's private life unmasked reminded us that anyone, even a likable movie star can literally "pull his 'sheet' off in public" and reveal the ugly racist underneath the glitz and glamour. His fallen star, however, doesn't erase the fact that he had some pretty rockin' and provocative movie roles and was once a huge Hollywood box-office draw.

"Mad Max: The Road Warrior" (1982).

Gibson plays cynical ex-cop Mad Max Rockatansky kicking-bad-guy butt in a post apocalyptic Australian wasteland where gas is like liquid gold. He agrees to help a gasoline rich community being attacked from the bad guys. This is the second of three Mad Max movies Gibson starred in.

"Lethal Weapon" (1987).

A favorite among action buddy movies, Letha Weapon is the first in a series that teamed Gibson with versatile actor Danny Glover. Gibson plays Sergeant Martin Riggs teamed with seasoned cop, Glover's character, Sergeant Roger Murtaugh. The two must work together to stop a gang of drug smugglers.

"Braveheart" (1995).

While throngs of Mel's female audience thrilled at seeing the then hunky actor don a kilt, this action drama was actually based on a true story. In 13th Century Scotland, commoner William Wallace (Gibson's character) leads the Scots in their battle to overthrow English rule.

"The Patriot" (2000).

Gibson plays Benjamin Martin, a peaceful farmer driven by a tragedy to lead the Colonial Militia during the French Revolution. This historical drama also stars the late Heath Ledger.

"What Women Want" (2000).

In this comedy, Gibson plays Nick Marshall, a male chauvenistic executive who after an accident, has the ability to hear what women are really thinking. He costars with accomplished actor, Helen Hunt.

"The Man Without a Face" (1995).

Gibson shows real acting chops in this drama about a disfigured recluse. Gibson plays Justin Mcleod, an ex-teacher befriended by a young boy who yearns to go to boarding school.

- Rose Smith