Ready to view some hot Megan Fox sex scenes? The beautiful Megan Fox is a newcomer to headlining feature films, yet the 26 year old hottie has created quite a stir. The beautiful brunette features shockingly blue eyes and full pouty lips. Therefore it is not surprise that internet searches for her movie sex scenes abound on the internet. Strangely this beauty has very few movie sex scenes to her credit. She has even been quoted as stating that sex scenes are “awkward.” These are the rare examples of excellent Megan Fox sex scenes.

  1. “Love the way you lie” This Eminem and Rihanna video offers one of the most unsuspected chance to view a Megan Fox sex scene. She costars in this video with “Lost” star Dominic Monghan. In this video Fox plays a young woman involved in an abusive relationship. There is plenty of violence and pain throughout the movie. The sex scene involves Dominic Monghan holding Fox against a wall. The scene is gritty and well-played.

  2. “Jonah Hex” “Jonah Hex” was released in 2010. The movie stars Josh Brolin at Jonah Hex and Megan Fox as Lilah. While this movie did not receive critical acclaim, the sex scene was amazing. This rustic sex scene involves Megan Fox on top of Brolin taking full control of the situation. Those who salivate for Megan Fox sex scenes will not be disappointed with this scene.

  3. “Jennifer’s Body” Seriously this has to be the all-time best Megan Fox sex scene. The scene that defined this thriller is the sexual kissing scene between Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried. What is not to love about this scene? It featured the blonde, beautiful, and doe-eyed Amanda Seyfried and the hot and ridiculously spicy Megan Fox.  This sexy Megan Fox scene was so spicy that there was no need to take it any further.

Megan Fox refrains from sex scenes. She has taken many sensual pictures as well as roles. Megan Fox’s movie credits include; “Confessions of a teenage drama queen”,” Transformers”,” Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”,” How to lose friends and alienate people”,” Whore”,” Jennifer’s Body”,” Love the way you lie: and “Ironclad”. Megan Fox also had small extra roles in “Bad boys II” and television appearances in “Hope and Faith”, “Ocean Ave.” and “Two and a half men”  Despite many of the movie titles these are the only three movies that contain Megan Fox sex scenes. Fans of Megan Fox continue to hope and wait for additional sex scenes.

-Brandy Willingham