Megan Fox movies are what they are. Either you love Megan or you hate her. If you hate her ,then one has to wonder what your problem is. For the rest of us, Megan Denise Fox is an absolute sex Goddess. Megan has a long history in modeling and television appearances but burst onto the big screen in 2004. She had an unaccredited appearance and was also in a not for theater video release but they don’t count.

  1. “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen”. This 2004 release starring Lindsey Lohan (imagine the attitude on that set) stars Megan as the character Carla. Megan plays the center of attentio high school bitch with plenty of attitude. She is the Queen of a trio of snots that make life a misery for Lohan. Some may suggest Megan wasn’t far out of character in this film.

  2. “Transformers”. In 2007 this much anticipated movie hit theaters. Megan played Mikaela Banes, the sexy but down to earth love interest of LeBouf. Perhaps the most memorable scene is of her “repairing” the motorcycle. However, all in this is an entertaining movie aside from being sexy, the storyline is well plotted and has probably already been seen by most movie buffs.

  3. “How to Lose Friends & Alienate People”. This is a quirky and very entertaining film. Megan portrays Sophie Maes, who is the love interest of the main character Simon Pegg. The movie follows the struggles of Pegg as a writer for an affluent New York magazine. He is a British boy lost in America struggling to find his way, but lucky for him, he runs into Megan to keep his priorities straight.  

  4. “Jennifer's Body”. Megan’s first headlining movie. She plays the flirtatious and devastating Jennifer Check, a high school cheerleader turned possessed killer. The sexiness that is Megan was the only thing about the “B’ movie that makes it worth watching. Billed as a horror film, it fell flat at the box office. The gore factor was blah and the sequencing on the killings predictable. A little girl on girl was fun but over all, this one is a dud.

  5. “Jonah Hex”. Headed by a decent cast, this graphic novel made into a movie was a royal disappointment. Megan plays Lilah, the new found attraction for Jonah. Jonah is hell bent on seeking revenge on the men that burned his family alive and branded his face. The military employs him to go after a band of bandits, to find the man that orchestrated his families murder is among them. With Megan’s help, he exacts his revenge in a very dull and slow paced “action” movie.

  6. “Passion Play”. 2010 brought us the return of Megan Fox to the big screen in a little played movie. Megan plays a carnival side show attraction known as “Bird Lady.” Mickey Rourke plays a Jazz musician who is down on his luck. Odd events bring the two together as Rourke saves Megan from a ruthless crime boss. The two set of on a fairy book romance that ends as one would expect. The acting is good, but overall, this is another downer for Megan fans.

Note: Megan has two films coming out “Friends with Kids” 2011 and “The Crossing” 2012. So there is still some Megan to look forward to.