If you enjoy the hit television show Grey's Anatomy, then you may want to consider watching some Patrick Dempsey movies. Patrick Dempsey is one of the stars of the popular drama that is centered around the trials and tribulations of the staff of Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. On the show, the Lewiston, Maine-born actor stars as Dr. Derek Shepherd. Apart from his television career, Patrick Dempsey has made a lot of films, as well.

"Can't Buy Me Love" - "Can't Buy Me Love" is a 1987 romantic comedy that stars Patrick Dempsey as young and awkward Ronald Miller. In the movie, Ronald is burn out on being the nerd at his high school. To escape his situation and elevate his status in social circles, he decides to hire popular, blonde and beautiful Cindy Mancini (Amanda Peterson) to portray his girlfriend.

"Some Girls" - "Some Girls" is a romantic comedy that hit theaters in the autumn of 1988. In "Some Girls," Patrick Dempsey plays Michael, a college student who visits his attractive and evasive girlfriend Gabriella over Christmas break. Gabriella is played by Jennifer Connelly. The cast also includes Sheila Kelley, Lila Kedrova, Andre Gregory and Lance Edwards.

"Happy Together" - "Happy Together" is a comedy that was released in the spring of 1981. In "Happy Together," Patrick Dempsey is ambitious college freshman who accidentally gets placed with a female roommate (Helen Slater) for the semester. Although the two appear to have no mutual interests at first, the relationship slowly turns romantic.

"Denial" - "Denial" is a 1999 drama that focuses on a group of Los Angeles, California couples attending a dinner party, and how a discussion regarding relationship honesty ultimately leads to their breakups. The Alan Rifkin-directed movie stars Patrick Dempsey, Jonathan Silverman, Amy Yasbeck, Christine Taylor, Jason Alexander and Ryan Alosio.

"Made of Honor" - "Made of Honor" is a 2008 romantic comedy that stars Patrick Dempsey as Tom. In the film, Tom is hopelessly in love with his female best friend Hannah, who is played by Michelle Monaghan. After Hannah's engagement to a Scotsman, she asks Tom to serve as her "maid of honor," which leads to him attempting to win her love.

-Isabel Prontes