There are some great actors and movies which stand the test of time and Matthew McConaughey movies are a great example of just that. His timeless good looks, his classic demeanor and let’s be honest, his way with the ladies, are all reasons why Matthew McConaughey movies are so great to see. Here are some excellent examples:

  1. "A Time to Kill” (1996).  This the one that got it all started for him. Based on a John Grisham novel, Matthew Mcconaughey plays a young lawyer who’s called in to defend an older black man (played by Samuel L. Jackson) who is on trial for murdering the two men accused of raping his 10-year old daughter. The movie is one of the most controversial Grisham novels ever put on screen because of the sympathetic view the story takes of a man who has basically confesses to committing murder.

  2. “Contact” (1997). This Matthew McConaughey movie is based on the only fiction novel ever written by famed astronomer Carl Sagan. McConaughey plays the oddly named Palmer Joss who is the religious counterpoint to the film’s protagonist, Dr. Ellie Arroway (Jodie Foster), renegade astronomer working for the National Science Foundation who discovers absolute proof that interstellar alien life exists and that it wants to talk to humans. While McConaughey’s character initially doubts her findings, he eventually teaches her that the concept of faith can transcend religious beliefs.  

  3. “Ed TV” (1999). This Matthew McConaughey movie, directed by the great Ron Howard, gently pokes funs at reality TV shows in much the same way that “The Truman Show” had done the year before. McConaughey plays an average guy named Ed Pekurny, a video store clerk who gets the chance of a lifetime to become famous when he allows a TV network film his lif 24 hours a day, seven days a week. While at first it’s great for him, it begins to turn ugly as the network’s intrusions cause tensions with his family and friends leading Ed to wonder if he’s just made a deal with the devil.  

  4. “U-571” (2000). Matthew McConaughey movies don’t usually have this kind of a celebrity cast, but in this Jonathan Mostow-directed movie, that is exactly what war movie fans got. The movie tells the story of a group of American submariners who capture a German sub with the code books to the elusive Enigma Code inside. Seeing as this would be a major victory for the Allies, the crew, under the command of McConaughey’s character, Lt. Andrew Tyler, take it upon themselves to sail through enemy territory and get the ship back to England before the Germans sink her.

  5.  “Reign of Fire” (2002). In a huge departure from his usual roles, this Matthew McConaughey movie showcases exactly how much of a badass he can be. Set in the year 2020, some twenty years after dragons have destroyed most of the earth, McConaughey plays Denton Van Zan, a bald American dragon-slayer who travels to Britain to take out the last male dragon and confront those who are standing in his way, specifically a young man named Quinn Abercromby (played by future Batman Christian Bale) who blames himself for awakening them in the first place.

  6.  “Sahara”(2005). This Matthew McConaughey movie was intended to the be the start of a movie franchise that starred his character (created by author Clive Cussler in a series of novels) Dirk Pitt, a kind of moder Indiana Jones, and his adventures across the world. In “Sahara”, he and his wise-cracking sidekick Al Giordino (played by Steve Zahn) attempt to locate a Civil War-era battleship containing treasure that no one believes exists while being chased through the country by an evil dictator.