If you can’t get enough of famous twins, check out these Mary Kate and Ashley movies. Before they became multimillionaires who dressed like homeless bird ladies, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were huge child stars. They got their start on the TV show “Full House” and went on to become teen sensations.

“To Grandmother’s House We Go” In their first film ever made, this Mary Kate and Ashley movie was a straight-to-DVD moneymaker that was shot in 1992 when the twins were only five years old. The plot revolves around two twins who run away from their parents on a journey to find they grandmother and stay with her instead.

“Double, Double, Toil and Trouble” Another classic Mary Kate and Ashley movie was this 1993 film that had a Halloween theme. The girls play the Farmer Sisters, who must save their family from their mean aunt, played by Cloris Leachman. They discover that their aunt’s evil demeanor is due to the fact that she’s a potion-brewing witch.

“Passport to Paris” This 1999 film marks the twins’ entry into the tween demographic market. In this Mary Kate and Ashley movie, the twins play American sisters who head to Paris to visit their grandfather. They sight-see, get in trouble in the city, and flirt with two cute French boys.

“Holiday in the Sun” The twin girls are officially teenagers in this drama and romance filled Mary Kate and Ashley movie. The 2001 film has the twins taking advantage of their winte break by heading off to the Bahamas. Along the way, they become involved in a smuggling scheme on the island and of course, find themselves falling in love with cute boys.

“New York Minute” This 2004 film is unique because it is the first Mary Kate and Ashley movie that was released around the country in theaters rather than placed straight to DVD. It is also the last major film that the girls starred in before they left the film business to become eccentric fashion designers. The girls play two very different sisters who find themselves chased across New York City by criminals and a bumbling truant officer.

-Layla Sinclair