Mae West quotes are as famous as the blonde bombshell actress herself.  Born in New York on August 17, 1893, she lived to the advanced age of 87 before she passed away on November 22, 1980 in California

Mae West was a sex symbol who enjoyed and showed off her sexuality, and her one-liner often-raunchy innuendo quotes have survived to this day.  Some were from her main movies, "I'm No Angel" with Cary Grant and "She Done Him Wrong", both released in 1933, which made her the nation's hottest box office attraction and saved Paramount Pictures from bankruptcy.  Before those two movies she had a supporting role in the 1932 "Night After Night" where she appeared with George Raft. 

These quotes are from "I'm No Angel":

  1. "Come up and see me sometime": Mae repeated this with slight variations a number of times in "I'm No Angel".  She played a circus performer who became a socialite.

  2. "What, only one?": What Mae replied when a fortuneteller said, ""Ah, you have a wonderful future. I see a man in your life." Mae was known to have a variety of men in her life, both on screen and off.

  3. "When I'm good I'm very good.  But when I'm bad I'm better": Mae's satire was so outrageous that her films resulted in a strict Hollywood production code. 

These quotes are from "She Done Him Wrong":

  1.  "One of the finest women who ever walked the streets":  This is how Mae, as entertainer Lady Lou, introduced herself .

  2. "You know, it takes two to get one in trouble":  What Mae said to a depressed young girl with a romantic problem.

  3. "I always did like a man in a uniform": What Mae said to Cary Grant, who played Captain Cummings, a supposed missionary director who was really an undercover agent trying to expose the illegal activities going on in the saloon where Lady Lou (Mae) worked.

  4. "Why don't you come up sometime 'n see me?  I'm home every evening": This is another version of Mae's famous line, this time said to Captain Cummings. 

  5. "Listen, when women go wrong, men go right after them": Lady Lou (Mae) giving advice to a young woman who had troubles.

  6. "Come up again, anytime": Lady Lou (Mae) to her lover Serge, played by Gilbert Roland. Serge replied, "I shall.  And I hope you will be alone." Lady Lou then said, "So do I. Warm, dark, and handsome."

-Jacklyn Barlow

-Jacklyn Barlow