Looking for Louis C.K. quotes? Louis C.K. is often quoted in the comedic community. He is of Irish and Mexican descent wit.  He has a subtle humor and has the type of deadpan jokes everyone loves. He has been doing stand up since 1985 and has been featured on many shows since.

  1. "Last week I got a flu that I caught, 'cause my daughter coughed... into my mouth." Louis C.K. uses comments about his kids often as a source of humor. Observing children is always fun to do simply because of their lack of social understandings. Children are a gold mine for comedians because of how they behave. For Louis C.K. his kids are his source of inspiration. In this quote, he is referring to his daughter getting him sick. Albeit without intention. Whether she, literally, coughed into his mouth or was in the general area, there is no telling when it comes to children. Often times, they aren't aware of how sickness spreads so they act without hesitation.

  2. "A man will rip off your arm and throw it into a river, but he will leave you as a human being intact. He won't mess with who you are. Women are non-violent but they will shit inside of your heart." For many comedians the differences between men and women are always a flowing fountain of social commentary. Whether the comedian is a man or a woman, the topic is never far from being laughed at. For Louis C.K., he observes from his past relationships and from the relationships he has seen. This quote showcases a violent difference between men and women. Men use physical force, while women use emotional dominance.

  3. "The meal is not over when I'm full. The meal is over when I hate myself." For many Americans over eating is commonplace. For Louis C.K. he takes his small problem of over eating and makes it into comedy gold. He is saying that he can be full, but until he is absolutely disgusted with himself, he'll keep eating. Louis C.K. isn't extremely over weight,  but he likes to poke fun at himself before anyone else can.