Lesbian celebrities are a big part of modern pop culture. Recently it seems more and more have been showing their true colors. In today’s society, being a lesbian celebrity is very much accepted. The members of this list are a testimony to this. These five lesbian celebrities are very much in the pubic eye and continue to shine.

  1. Ellen DeGeneres: This stand up comedian turned talk show host is one of the highest rated and popular daytime hosts on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show”. Ellen is a whimsical and smart woman who presents herself with dignity and pride. Her candor and pride is event as is the love and admiration for her mate. This Emmy award winner has also been a master of ceremony for the Oscars and an advocate for children and animals. You may also recall her sting on her self titled sitcom “Ellen” and “American Idol.”

  2. Portia de Rossi: This sexy blonde took the males by storm in her role in “Ally McBeal”. She is a television mega star with appearances on movies and a host of television shows, including “Nip/Tuck” and “Better of Ted.”. Once married to Mel Metcalfe and soon divorced, Portia found her true calling and love when she married Ellen DeGeneres in 2008. The two have been inseparable and have become the picture couple for such unions.

  3. Cynthia Nixon:Who would have guessed this “Sex and the City” Star chased skirts? This breast cancer survivor is a vixen in many ways. A fighter and strong women she has stood up for her right to express herself as well as for others. Her long list of celebrity appearance includes, “The Pelican Brief,” “The Manhattan Project” and “An Englishman in New York.” Further, this Emmy award winning actress shows no signs of slowing down.

  4. Sarah Paulson: This Tony award winner is most noted for her relationship with Cherry Jones. An eclectic actress playing numerous roles and stealing the hearts of both the male and female set, Paulson has made quite a career for herself. Her roles in “Leviathan” and “Serenity” were both outstanding contributions but her television roles in “American Gothic” and “Jack and Jill” might be most notable.

  5. Leisha Hailey: The once love interest of K.D. Lange, Leisha continues on with her life and career. A musician and actress hailing form Okinawa, most noted for her role in Showtime’s “The L Word” is an openly gay and advocate of gay rights. She is also the voice of ‘lily’ on “American Dad.”A star on the rise that is one to look out for in both the lesbian community and among celebrities with a bright future.

-Angela Blount