Larry the Cable Guy quotes come from a character created by comedian and political humorist Daniel Whitney. Whitney created the character on his radio show in 1991, and a whole slew of Larry the Cable Guy quotes started to appear. See which one of these Larry the Cable Guy quotes makes you laugh, or think.

"Git-R-Done." This Larry the Cable Guy quote first appeared somewhere between Daniel Whitney's first stand-up routine in 1986 and his creation of the Larry the Cable Guy character in 1991. This Larry the Cable Guy quote remains one of the most popular catch phrases in comedy history.

"Lord, I apologize to you and all the little pygmies of New Guinea." Whenever Larry makes an off-color joke, he acknowledges the line he crossed with this trademark statement. Considering he says it a dozen times or more in each performance, it is probably a safe bet that Larry the Cable guy quotes cross a lot of lines during his act.

"I don't care who you are, that's funny, right there." Larry knows that he is his own best publicist. That is why he invites the audience to laugh at his most controversial, or even inane, jokes by letting the audience know that what he just said was pretty darn funny.

"Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm." People see the Larry the Cable Guy character and can forget that Daniel Whitney is an intelligent and thoughtful individial. Every once in a while, Daniel and Larry merge to give you statement that makes you laugh and then stop to think.

"Hard work pays off in the future. Laziness pays off now." One thing Larry the Cable Guy knows is his audience. A job about sloth will get the massive hordes that come see Larry perform laughing and hollering.