Not even legal to drink, but Kyle Massey is already a show biz veteran of stage, television, and reality TV competition, so enjoy finding out Kyle Massey bio. He just might be the next Kevin James or Wayne Brady, as Kyle acts, sings and dances with aplomb.

Kyle Massey, born 1991, didn’t set out to be an actor, but was noticed in a waiting room, while his older brother auditioned for a part. After some local work in his hometown of Atlanta, the Massey family moved to Los Angeles, which led to Kyle winning the role of younger brother, Cory Baxter, in “That’s So Raven.” The Disney series, which ran four seasons from 2003 to 2007, gave Massey the perfect platform for his amiable personality and sharp comic timing.

He may not have leading man looks, but after wrapping “Raven,” Massey was offered a spin off series, “Cory in the House.” At the same time, Massey was chalking up guest appearances in “Becker,” “The Practice” and “The Electric Company.”

Being part of the Disney “tween” universe also gave Kyle the opportunity to showcase other talents. Like Hannah Montana and Hillary Duff, Cory has expanded into music, not only singing the theme song for his series, but also rapping “Who Let the Dog Out" for the "Shaggy Dog" movie, and “It’s a Dog” for the Disney Channel Original Movie, “Life Is Ruff.” More recently, he and older brother Chris have formed a group, The Massey Boyz, and released "I Guess That I'm A Rapper Now".

In 2010, Kyle Massey’s next professional move was quite a surprise for the somewhat chubby teen; he joined the eleventh season of “Dancing with the Stars” against much better known celebrities such as “The Jersey Shore’s” Situation (a.k.a. Mike Sorrentino), Mrs. Brady (a.k.a. Florence Henderson), and sports stars Kurt Warner and Rick Fox. On the infamous side of the stage was the other 19-year-old in the mix, Bristol Palin, whose awkward dancing was irrelevant once mother Sarah Palin brought the votes. Nonetheless, Kyle’s sly charm with the audience got him to second place, with dance partner, Lacy Schwimmer.

Unlike other Disney trained celebrities, Kyle has kept a low key personal life, and remains in the Disney family by voicing Milo in their animated series "Fish Hooks" and also soon to appear in the “Beethoven's Christmas Adventure.” Hopefully, his multitalented background will serve him better than Zac Efron and keep him working for many years to come.

- Marina Chavez