Scouring for Korean actors with plastic surgery still proves to be a challenge since no male star would ever admit having surgery done on themselves.  Hence, some of the Korean male actors-singers on this list were judged to have gone under the knife based on photographic evidences.  Handsome they may be, doesn’t it feel good that we know they’re not that “natural”?

Won Bin 

It is reported that Won Bin had undergone plastic surgery way back in high school before he joined the entertainment industry.  Most noted of these are his double-eyelids and a nose job, which can be readily compared with before and after pictures.

Kim Jaejong a.k.a. Hero

Hero admitted on a show that he had plastic surgery done, which is more than we can say for his honesty.  The surgery done was obviously on his nose to make it look sharper and on his eyelids, which was trimmed to make his eyes look larger.

Tae Bin

It is not confirmed whether the vocalist from 1TYM has really gone under the knife.  However, his loss of so much weight from high school had fueled the speculation that he might have had liposuction and some other plastic surgery operation.

Kwon Sang Woo

Kwon Sang Woo had his eyes done cosmetically.  Now he’s got double eyelids –but so does a lot of Korean male celebs, making it look like that these actors are so into plastic surgery.

Kim Dong Wan

Kim Dong Wan, a member of the boy band Shinwa, is really admirable for publicly admitting that he had cosmetic surgery done on his nose.  It is hoped that more and more Korean male actors would just come out in the open about their plastic surgeries so they wouldn’t have to live a lie.