The Julia Roberts movie list can make you laugh and it can make you cry. A “Pretty Woman” like Julia Roberts has plenty of great movies to choose from. There are also movies on this list that can make you think about your life and what you want it to be. This Julia Roberts movie list takes you back to 1988.

  1. “Mystic Pizza” - Roberts plays Daisy Arujo who works at a pizza joint with her sister Kat and their friend Jojo. The girls are very different as are their love lives. A true show of sisterhood and they different ways that life can lead us.

  2. “Pretty Woman” - Roberts plays Vivian Ward a call girl who gets a cushy job from a businessman to be his girlfriend for a week. In this Julia Roberts movie she is able to move seamlessly between being a hooker to being a girlfriend with class.

  3. “Eat Pray Love” - Liz Gilbert is an unhappily married woman. She prays one night for god to tell her what to do. She tells her husband she doesn't want to be married anymore and files for divorce. She then spends the year traveling abroad. Julia Roberts personality and talent fit this role perfectly.

  4. “Ocean's Eleven” - Tess Ocean is the ex-wife of Danny Ocean, a gangster who was just released from prison. Back to his old ways he plans to pull the biggest heist of all, to rob three Casinos in one night. Each of the casinos is owned by a man who shows an uncanny interest in Tess. Is it just a coincidence?

  5. "Erin Brockovich" – Long before she had children of her own, Julia Roberts played Erin Brockovich, a single mother who was not about to let a local utility company contaminated her town and get away with it. After she becomes a paralegal she nearly brings down the utility company single handedly.