Johnny Depp's tattoos are as well known as some of his most popular movies. Many actors try to hide their tattoos, but not Johnny Depp. He is proud of every one of them. With his apparent love of body art, you have to wonder what his next tattoo will be.

Native American Head: On his right arm, Johnny Depp, has a tattoo of a Cherokee head. This is a symbol of his Cherokee heritage, representing his grandmother. This is thought to be his first tattoo, completed in 1980 and the one that started his love for body art.

Betty Sue: On May 31, 1988, Johnny Depp had a heart with tribal markings tattooed on his left bicep. Around it is his mother's name, Betty Sue.

Inverted Triangle: The inverted triangle is located right above the "Betty Sue" tattoo. Johnny Depp has yet to say what the inverted black triangle means to him; however, an inverted triangle usually denotes an expression of romantic love.

Wino Forever: Above his Cherokee head tatto is a banner. The banner reads, "Wino Forever." It is an edited tattoo. The banner used to read, "Winona Forever." He got this when he dated Winona Ryder; however, when they broke up he had it cleverly edited.

Lilly Rose: On his chest near his heart is a tattoo that simply reads "Lilly Rose." Johnny Depp had this tattooed close to his heart after his daughter, Lilly Rose, was born.