The Johnny Depp movie list spans from the early 1980's and only picks up pace into the present. He first starred as the handsome young man in a variety of movies of different genres before being cast in a number of different niches over the next two decades. Beyond his good looks that has landed him on posters on girl's bedroom walls all over the world, Depp is also a remarkably talented actor, making him much more then just another heartthrob who pulls in a lot of money at the box office. The movies on this Johnny Depp movie list  are meant to be good movies, which you can watch over and over again, for more then just Johnny Depp himself.

  1. "A Nightmare on Elm Street." Shockingly, Johnny Depp's first film was this horror classic, as one of the lead characters. Even if you are not a horror and gore fan, this movie is quintessential to be included on any Johnny Depp movie list.

  2. "Edward Scissorhands." Johnny Depp was cast as the lead in this bizarrely brilliant film about a guy who had scissors instead of fingers on his hands and is brought into a neighborhood. The movie is directed by Tim Burton and both Depp and Burton made names for themselves through this popular movie that took audiences outside of the proverbial box. This movie should definitely be included on any Johnny Depp movie list as the one that really showed that he was more then just a pretty face.

  3. "Ed Wood." Another Tim Burton movie about one of the weirder and worst directors in Hollywood history starred Depp as the titular character, being wacky and entertaining. This type of performance would repeat itself later in his career and it further pushed his ability to act in unique roles within the confines of Hollywood, making it another important movie for Johnny Depp's list.

  4. "Donnie Brasco." This movie established Johnny Depp being able to play a cop and tough guy, as he played an undercover cop spying on the mafia. It's not the best movie but is a great performance by Depp. It signals a change to more serious starring roles in his movie career and is important to be included on any Johnny Depp movies list.

  5. "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas." Based upon the incredible, wild piece of Gonzo journalism written by the crazed journalist Hunter S. Thompson, Johnny Depp does a career performance as this wild real-life character, wearing a bald-cap the entire movie. Not only is this a very good movie, it set his career in an entirely new, wild direction.

  6. "Pirates of the Caribbean." A Hollywood summer movie that was based on an amusement park ride became one of the most unlikely hits, due primarily to Johnny Depp's performance as the shift pirate Jack Sparrow. He evidently tapped Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards to nail down this character fully. This is one of the most important films to include in any Johnny Depp movie list.