Johnny Depp Biography: The Early Days

Wednesday, September 14 by T. Cousin

Johnny Depp the teenage years. When Johnny was fifteen his parents divorced and he was given the job of picking up the child support payment from his father each week, this created a divide between Depp and his father. By sixteen Johnny was high school dropout and the member of a garage band called The Kids. The Kids became successful enough to be the opening act for The Talking Heads and B-52s, yet they barley made ends meet.

Johnny Depp gets his big break. In 1983 at twenty years of age, Depp met and married an older woman, makeup artist Lori Allison. She was five years his senior. The couple and The Kids band moved to LA to make it big. They didn't take the music scene by storm as soon as they arrived, so they had to "push" pens for a telemarketing service to support themselves. Lori introduced Johnny to her former boyfriend Nicolas Cage, Cage, seeing potential in Depp got him a meeting with a agent. After many small roles as an extra, Johnny got his first legit role in the 1984 horror movie "Nightmare on Elm Street." By 1985 Depp's marriage and band had broken up.

Johnny Depp "The Star" is born. Depp dove into acting classes at the Loft Studio in Los Angeles, and after that with a private coach. The classes paid off in 1987 when Depp replaced actor Jeff Yagher as undercover cop Tommy Hanson (or in Johnny's case Handsome) on the TV series "21 Jump Street." The show made Depp an instant star/heartthrob and household name.

-Tyrone Cousin

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