This John Wayne movies list represents the actor’s most well-known films. “The Duke” embodied rugged masculinity and became a true American icon. His height, his walk, and his distinctive voice made John Wayne famous, as did his vocal conservative, anti-communist views. Of the dozens of John Wayne movies produced through the years, these are his best-known films.

  1. “Stagecoach.” “Stagecoach,” released in 1939, gave John Wayne his breakthrough role. The romantic drama, which also starred Claire Trevor and Andy Devine, won two Oscars. The film follows a group of people, traveling by stagecoach, whose journey is complicated by Geronimo.

  2. “The Shepherd Of The Hills.” “The Shepherd Of The Hills,” a 1941 drama, was John Wayne’s first color film. It featured Harry Carey, his longtime friend, and Betty Field. The story centers on an Ozark Mountains moonshiner whose hatred for his father is tempered by the arrival of a gentle-mannered stranger.

  3. “Sands Of Iwo Jima.” “Sands Of Iwo Jima” is a 1949 dramatization of the Battle of Iwo Jima in the second world war. One of the best-known war movies of all time, this Oscar-nominated film starred John Wayne, John Agar, and Adele Mara. 

  4. “The Quiet Man.” Maureen O’Hara starred with John Wayne in this 1952 romantic drama. Also a winner of two Academy Awards, the film centers on a disgraced American boxer who makes a life for himself in Ireland, and finds true love along the way.

  5. “The High And The Mighty.” One of John Wayne’s most popular roles was that of a commercial pilot in “The High And The Mighty.” The 1954 action movie was one of six films in which John Wayne played an aviator. Claire Trevor and Laraine Day also starred in the film.

  6. “The Searchers.” “The Searchers” is an award-winning 1956 western regarded as one of John Wayne’s finest performances. The film centers on a Civil War veteran who spends years searching for his young niece, who was captured by Indians. Jeffrey Hunter and Vera Miles co-starred with John Wayne.

  7. “The Alamo.” John Wayne starred as Davy Crockett in the 1960 action film, “The Alamo.” It was also one of two films that he directed. The movie’s subject was the 1836 Battle of the Alamo during the Texas revolution. Richard Widmark and Laurence Harvey also starred in the film.

  8. “The Green Berets.” “The Green Berets” is Vietnam war movie based on a Robin Moore book. It was John Wayne’s second film as a director. The 1968 movie had a strong anti-communist, pro-Saigon slant that polarized  American public opinion. David Jannsen and Jim Hutton joined John Wayne in the lead roles.

  9. “True Grit.” “True Grit” gave John Wayne an Oscar for Best Actor. The 1969 western follows a United States marshal and a Texas Ranger who help a young woman track down her father’s murderer in Indian territory. The film also featured Kim Darby, Robert Duvall, and Glenn Campbell.

  10. “The Shootist.” “The Shootist,” released in 1976, was John Wayne’s last film. This Oscar-nominated western also featured James Stewart, Lauren Bacall, and Ron Howard. It centers on a dying gunfighter who spends his last days looking for the best way to die.

-Annette Smith