The John Travolta movies list stretches back into the 70s when Travolta was a musical star, mostly showing off his impressive dance moves. After a decade of futility, Quentin Tarantino brought him out of obscurity and helped him achieve a career revival that lasted much of the next decade.

  1. “Carrie” This Stephen King adaptation is one of the earliest movies on any John Travolta movies list. Travolta stars as high school student who helps humiliate the title character at the school dance. When he takes part in the prank, it sets Carrie loose to seek vengeance against the school body.

  2. “Saturday Night Fever” One of the earliest dance movies on the John Travolta movies list, this is a love letter to disco. Travolta plays Tony, a young man with a horrible life whose only joy is found when he spends his weekends at the disco.

  3. “Grease” One of the most popular musicals of all time, “Grease” stars John Travolta and Olivia Newton John as star crossed lovers who meet one summer and fall in love. The movie features a number of popular songs and established Travolta as a star on the rise.

  4. “Urban Cowboy”  Breaking the mold of disco dancing, this movie casts him as a cowboy in Texas, specifically in the bar Gilley’s. The movie features the typical Travolta dance scene as well as numerous western motifs including the mechanical bull and many scenes in the honky-tonk bar.

  5. “Look Who’s Talking”  The John Travolta movies list took a nosedive through much of the 80s until he was cast in this family in 1989. The movie has Travolta playing a cab driver who meets a woman the minute she goes into labor. He starts to fall for both the woman and the baby, who is voiced by Bruce Willis.

  6. “Pulp Fiction”  Quentin Tarantino rescued John Travolta from obscurity by casting him in the movie “Pulp Fiction.” The movie made Tarantino a star and made Travolta a draw once again. He plays a hit-man in this ensemble film.

  7. “Get Shorty”  The John Travolta movies list began to add more and more movies with Travolta playing the gangster and he plays almost the same role he did in “Pulp Fiction” in this movie. The movie is adapted from an Elmore Leonard novel and features a hit-man who sells his life story to Hollywood.

  8. “Face/Off”  In this John Woo action flick, John Travolta stars as a police officer hunting down a dangerous criminal. Once captured, he switches faces with the bad guy to stop a terrorist bombing but when the bad guy wakes up, he takes Travolta’s face and no one knows about the switch, turning the tables on the good guys.

  9. “Broken Arrow”  John Travolta stars in this movie as an Air Force pilot whop betrays and shoots his partner and steals nuclear missiles to sell to enemy forces. The partner, played by Christian Slater, survives the betrayal and comes after his old partner for vengeance.

  10. “The Punisher”   John Travolta added another bad guy role to the John Travolta movies list in this comic book adaptation. Thomas Jane stars as the superhero The Punisher while Travolta is the villain Howard Saint, the man who kills The Punisher’s family.