A Jim Carrey movies list should consist of a number of different movies that reflect this talented actor's ability to take on just about any role and capture it in his own successful way. Carrey started as a stand-up comedian out of Canada and then had some smaller parts in movies in the 1980's, before becoming a popular cast member of the prime time television sketch show "In Living Color." He played so many outrageous characters that he was finally cast in the starring role of a movie that was supposed to be terrible, and became a smash hit due to Carrey's brilliance. The list below are quintessential Jim Carrey movies that anyone who is a fan of his talents should have on their shelf.

  1. "Earth Girls Are Easy." One of the most popular Jim Carrey movies before he was a big star, Carrey played an alien who has come to Earth to meet girls on Earth. It touches on his ability to play just about any role, though it almost seems like someone has restricted him from totally being himself. Nonetheless, this is an important film to be included on a Jim Carrey movie list.

  2. "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective." This movie about a pet detective who uncovers a larger conspiracy was supposed to be a throw-away comedy that wasn't really supposed to make any money. However, due to Carrey's remarkable, laugh-out loud funny performance, ranging from speaking and moving backwards in "instant replay" to "talking out of his butt" the film was a breakout hit. This may be one of the most important films to be included in a Jim Carrey movies list.

  3. "Dumb & Dumber." Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels played two idiots who end up in a kidnapping plot which is otherwise forgettable. But the script and their performances, namely Carrey's, are so raucously funny that the film was a huge success, helping to launch the careers of it's directors the now-popular Farrelly Brothers. This is a must to be included in any Jim Carrey movie list.

  4. "The Cable Guy." A very underrated film, follows Jim Carrey as a bizarrely desperate Cable Guy in one of his more serious and darker performances in the early part of his career. People didn't get it and the film was considered a flop, despite the excellent direction from Ben Stiller and Carrey's fine performance. This lost gem should be included on any Jim Carrey movie list.

  5. "Man on the Moon." Still trying to nail down the respect at being a serious actor, Jim Carrey played esteemed and tragic real-life comedian Andy Kaufman, charting his life and career. It was a fantastic and heartfelt performance and won Carrey a number of different awards, validating him to most as both a great comedic actor and great dramatic actor. It is a must for any Jim Carrey movies list.

  6. "Bruce Almighty." Carrey returned to his comic roots in this movie as a guy who can speak to God and becomes a bit of a God himself. It's the same zany, funny Carrey that made him popular in the first place and is a good movie to include on the Jim Carrey movie list.