Jennifer Lopez sex scenes are not to be missed as the Puerto Rican goddess shows off the goods in her sexy roles in her movies. Nothing pleases the eye more than watching Jennifer Lopez and her shapely caboose in hot and heavy sex scenes. Great sex scenes are only as good as the beautiful people involved, and there's no one better than Jennifer Lopez to roll around in the bedroom with. Jennifer Lopez sex scenes showcase the talented and sexy actress in all her glory and her passionate fans couldn't be happier. 

  1. "Money Train." Jennifer Lopez played opposite Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson as the object of their affections when they join up as transit cops. Things get complicated when Wesley Snipes' character John hooks up with Jennifer's character Grace even though Harrelson wants her too. Their sex scene delivers the heat and passion of these two New York cops and the stress they deal with each day.

  2. "Angel Eyes." A Chicago cop, Jennifer Lopez, is rescued by a mysterious man in Jim Caviezel while in pursuit of a suspect. Both begin to fall in love with each other as their pasts catch up with them. Jennifer and Jim share an intimate sex scene during their picnic dates that accelerated their unlikely relationship.

  3. "U Turn." Sean Penn's Bobby Cooper is a loner whose car breaks down in a town in the middle of nowhere around the Southwest. He gets involved with a lovely Grace McKenna played by Jennifer Lopez who turns out to be the wife of an old man who wants her killed. They share an intense sex scene in the middle of the forest away from the seemingly deranged citizens.

  4. "Out of Sight." Steven Soderbergh adapted Elmore Leonard's novel about a romance that develops between a career bank robber and a U.S. Marshall. George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez are a match made in heaven as the two unlikely lovers on the opposite sides of the law. Their sex scene is as sensual and hot as anything a fan will get in a movie.