It is difficult to find a film with Jennifer Aniston sex scenes, as she portrays mostly innocent characters. This beautiful actress has appeared in films such as "Bruce Almighty," "Office Space," and "Marley & Me." However, there are four films that she has starred in that had required the lovely Hollywood star to be involved in a few sex scenes. 

"The Good Girl"

A 2002 drama, "The Good Girl" featured Jennifer Aniston having sex in a hotel room with Jake Gyllenhaal. Aside from her sexy moans, Aniston's bare breasts can be briefly spotted briefly during the sex scene

"Along Came Polly"

"Along Came Polly" is a comedy starring Jennifer Aniston and Ben Stiller. The film has a sex scene where Aniston is wearing a pair of  tight red panties that show off her fabulous ass. During the scene, Stiller gives those nice, round buns a firm slap.


This 2005 thriller features a hot hotel sex scene between Clive Owen and Jennifer Aniston. While laying on the hotel bed they start to get hot and heavy before an armed robber interrupts them by breaking into their room. 

"Friends with Money"

Jennifer Aniston, while donning a sexy maid outfit, was involved in a sex scene with co-star Scott Caan. While she looks fabulous in her outfit, Jennifer Aniston was clearly bored during the scene. 

While Jennifer Aniston is known as a prim and proper actress who takes roles in "cute" movies, she is not afraid to take chances.

-Tony Dayton