Jeff Bridges movies cover four long decades of quality film work. This Oscar award-winning actor is younger brother of Beau Bridges and is the son of the late Lloyd Bridges. Because of his remarkable performances, Jeff Bridges has earned his own place in Hollywood by bringing audiences so many diverse and memorable characters.

“Crazy Heart”

Jeff Bridges draws the audience in with his gritty but loveable depiction of the down-and-out country singer "Bad Blake." He was awarded with a well-earned Oscar for his amazing performance in this film. The aging Bridges plays opposite the lovely Maggie Gyllenhaal, who landed the role as his love interest. Directed by the talented Scott Cooper, the movie was released in 2009. Also apprearing in the film, albeit in a minor role, is the hot Colin Farrell as Bridges's former student.

“The Big Lebowski”

This strange 1988 film from the Coens of “Fargo” fame stars Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Julianne Moore and the quirky Steve Buscemi. Bridges plays “Jeffrey Lebowski” a lazy slacker, who gets embroiled in a kidnapping for ransom plot. The down-and-out bowling addict was mistaken for a rich millionaire who shares the same name. The wealthy Lebowski enlists the help of Bridges as he had identified some of the thugs responsible for his wife's abduction

“The Fabulous Baker Boys”

Jeff Bridges stars with his real-life big brother Beau in this film with the sultry Michelle Pfeiffer. Jack and Frank are brothers who play dueling pianos in nightclubs. They decide to get a female singer to spice up their performances and choose a beautiful former escort played by Pfeiffer. As their act takes off and Bridges and Pfeiffer’s characters become romantically entangled, the two brothers have to re-evaluate their strained relationship.

“The Last Picture Show”

One of first big films for Jeff Bridges, this acclaimed film came out in 1971 and brought to life the small town feel of the '50s. Bridges was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role as Duane Jackson, a high schooler growing up in a dying rural Texas town. The town's populace is slowly realizing that the times are changing. Each character then deals with the change in their own unique way. Veteran actors Ben Johnson and Cloris Leachman both won Oscars for their roles in the film.

“The Contender”

Jeff Bridges expertly plays a Clinton-esque American president who got elected with his folksy charm. When his vice president dies, he chooses a woman, played by Joan Allen, as the nominee to replace him. A college sex scandal threatens her chances and the question of how much a political figure's personal life should be probed is asked. Grizzled performer Sam Eliott and gifted actor Gary Oldman also lend their considerable talents in this thriller released in 2000.