Much like his successful band, Jared Leto movies have received both critical and commercial acclaim. After starring in the TV series “My So-Called Life” in 1994, Jared Leto has had a long and successful movie career, working with talented directors such as David Fincher, Darren Aronofsky and Oliver Stone.

  1. "Prefontaine" His first major movie, Jared Leto stars as doomed runner Steve Prefontaine in this biographical movie. Growing up in Oregon, Prefontaine aspired to take gold at the 1976 Munich Olympics. While training, he set records for almost every race he ran. His dream was ultimately cut short as he died in a car accident in 1975.

  2. "Urban Legend" More commercial fare, Jared Leto stars in this 1998 horror film. He plays a school journalist and love interest of Alicia Witt’s character. Together, they go up against a crazed killer that is recreating urban legend massacres.

  3. "Fight Club" Jared Leto has a small role as one of Tyler Durdens minions in this seminole David Fincher movie. Playing a handsome blonde named Angel Face, Jared Leto has his face destroyed by an angry Edward Norton.

  4. "Girl, Interrupted" Jared Leto plays the former boyfriend of committed Winona Ryder. After discovering he has been drafted, Leto tries to convince Ryder to run away with him to Canada, but she refuses, instead choosing to stay with her friends in the mental asylum.

  5. "American Psycho" Although his role in this film is small and short lived, it nonetheless is a powerful cameo. Jared Leto play Paul Allen, a rival of Christian Bale’s Patrick Bateman. Allen is executed with an axe by a raincoat wearing Bateman in a comical scene where they are discussing the merits of Huey Lewis and the News.

  6. "Requiem for a Dream" Jared Leto plays the lead character, Harry, in this Oscar nominated movie. A struggling drug addict, “Requiem for a Dream” follows Harry, his best friend and his girlfriend as they attempt to overcome their addictions. Ultimately, they are all destroyed and Harry needs to have his arm amputated due to infection from heroin injections.

  7. "Panic Room" Sporting a mean set of cornrows, Jared Leto plays a crook trying to break into a house to score a fortune in bonds left by the previous owner. Leto plays the pseudo leader of the gang, but his greed gets the better of him and he is eventually overthrown.

  8. "Alexander" Jared Leto portrays Alexander the Great’s childhood friend Hephaestion in this epic directed by Oliver Stone. The two have a gay relationship that his hinted at in the film, with the couple being compared to Achilles and his lover Petroclus. They have a Romeo and Juliet type romance where they both die within a few months of each other.

  9. "Lord of War" In this movie, Jared Leto plays Vitaly, the brother of Nicholas Cage’s arms dealer Uri Orlov. While initially a loose cannon and drug addict, Vitaly has a change of conscience and has ill feelings towards the type of people they are selling guns to, which leads to his murder in front of his brothers eyes.

  10. "Chapter 27" Going method, Jared Leto packed on a few pounds to play a chubby Mark David Chapman, the man who shot John Lennon. Toting  a copy of “The Catcher in the Rye”, this movie follows the days leading up to the assassination of the Beatles legend.

-Nicolas Miles