Jamie Foxx Movies

Thursday, April 28 by Natalie Kuchik

Jamie Foxx movies are diverse, and show off his wide range of acting skills. He started off a comedian, but soon streamlined into movies. Jamie Foxx is always a risk taker, and has been a part of dramas, comedies, biographical, and action movies. He is an Oscar winning actor who chooses great roles. He is a selective and always chooses quality over quantity movies. Jamie Foxx movies always have an amazing cast paired with a great script, so you know you will be getting your moneys worth.

  1. "Ray" In this 2004 Jamie Foxx movie he portrays real life rhythm and blues star Ray Charles. The biographical film earned Jamie Foxx an Oscar in the Best Actor category. The movie revolves around the life of Ray Charles who went blind at a young age. He turned to music, especially the piano keyboard and became one of the most famous modern day piano players. The biographical depicts the highs, and lows of Ray Charles' life and career.
  2. "Dreamgirls" This Jamie Foxx movie was released in 2006, and gained eight Oscar nominations. Set in the 1960s, this Jamie Foxx movie is about three women looking for musical fame. Foxx plays Curtis Taylor Jr. who is a car sales man turned music manager when he discovers the Dreamettes. He gets them a job as back-up singers for James "Thunder" Early, but soon is able to steer them into headlining stardom. The rest of the film deals with what each character is willing to do for fame, and fortune.
  3. "The Kingdom" Jamie Foxx has the leading role in this 2007 movie about U.S. government officials investigating a Saudi Arabia bombing. Jamie Foxx plays FBI squad leader Ronald Fleury who gets granted five days to investigate the bombing with his team. The bomb targeted an American housing compound, and there is reason to believe another bomb will be activated if the people responsible are not found. During their investigation in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia they run into difficult people, and difficult situations. This Jamie Foxx movie is an action thriller that also stars Jennifer Garner.
  4. "Jarhead" The movie plot revolves around Jake Gyllenhaal's character Anthony "Swoff" Swofford and his journey in the Marine Corps. Jamie Foxx plays Staff Sergeant Sykes, who is a Marine lifer. He is in charge of Swoff's sniper platoon, and has a tough yet fair attitude. Sykes is one of the men who truly loves being a Marine, and knows how to deal with the extreme stress. This Jamie Foxx movie is a great war movie that realistically depicts what it must be like to be in the Marines.
  5. "Law Abiding Citizen" In this 2009 Jamie Foxx movie he portrays an assistant district attorney who lands the wrong case. The movie is about Clyde Shelton's wife and daughter being murdered, and Jamie Foxx's character Nick Rice being the attorney who prosecutes the killers. By a glitch in the legal system, the killers are sent free, which sends Clyde over the edge. Clyde vows to take revenge out on the killers, and the legal system which includes assistant district attorney Nick Rice.

-Natalie Kuchik

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