Jake Gyllenhaal Movies: Cowboys, Newspaper Men and War Heroes

Thursday, September 22 by Bobby Ivie

Jake Gyllenhaal movies have been exciting fans since the early 1990s, even if they don't know it. Did you know he is in "City Slickers"? Here are five of his more recent films in which his character is much more memorable

"Donnie Darko." If you have seen this 2001 movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal and didn't quite know what to make of it, you're not alone. It is very surrealistic and full of time warps, and strange happenings that make it hard to follow. An oversized rabbit convinces Donnie to commit crimes, Donnie has visions of the end of the world, and a jet engine falls out of the sky on top of Donnie. What's so hard about that?

"Brokeback Mountain." This award-winning movie from 2005 co-stars the late Heath Ledger. The film spans twenty years in the life of two Wyoming cowboys who meet while tending a herd of sheep one summer. They discover a mutual affection, so they continue seeing each other over the years. This causes problems back at the ranch, so to speak, and in their hearts and minds as they try to sort out their emotions and desires.

"Zodiac." Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey, Jr., costar in this 2007 thriller based upon real events. Gyllenhaal's character Robery Graysmith works for a newspaper company that receives letters with encrypted clues from the Zodiac killer. Graysmith decodes one and is able to predict the next actions of the killer. He becomes intent upon cracking the case, even though he gets no support from his colleagues.

Brothers” src=”http://media1.break.com/breakstudios/2011/9/20/jake gyllenhaal brothers.jpg” />

"Brothers." Gyllenhaal plays brother to costar Toby Maguire in this movie from 2009 in which Gyllenhaal's character, Tommy Cahill, is left in the States while his brother is shipped to Afghanistan with the marines. A helicopter crash supposedly takes the life of everyone onboard, including Tommy's brother. Tommy tries to make amends for past sins by consoling his brother's wife and helping her around the house. About the time they grow close, Tommy's brother shows up back in the States, and the three of them have to sort things out.

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