"Inuyasha" voice actors are a fairly prominent group.  It may not be the most popular anime to hit the shores of North America, but the cast is top notch.  With well over a hundred years of combined experience and a number of top tier productions, the top ten "Inuyasha" voice actors are some of the best in the industry.

  1. Richard Ian Cox (Inuyasha).  Might as well start with the lead, and what a prolific lead he is.  Cox has one of the more distinct voices in American dubbing, and he's equally as well known as Ranma as he is for being one of the "Inuyasha" voice actors.  He also voiced Quicksilver on "X-Men Evolution", one of the many cast members to split time between both shows.  

  2. Moneca Stori (Kagome).  With only fifteen years in the business, the voice of Kagome is one of the least experienced members of the crew.  That said, she has a distinctive delivery that sets her apart from the crowd.  The second member of the "X-Men Evolution"/"Inuyasha" voice actor crew.

  3. Willow Johnson (Kikyo).  Her turn as Kikyo is just the latest in a voice acting career that spans over 30 years.  One of the better female voice actresses doing anime dubs these days, her voice is great at reflecting the (often too few) subtleties in a script.

  4. Scott McNeil (Koga).  On one hand, he's Koga.  On the other, he's Wolverine from "X-Men Evolution".  The voice cast for "Inuyasha" seems to cross over quite a bit, and for good reason—many of the standouts deserve all the work they can get.  

  5. Jillian Michaels (Shippo).  Jillian Michaels is the voice actress that plays Shippo, not the workout guru.  Better known for playing Gohan and Goten, she manages to play a "young" character well without being completely obnoxious.

  6. David Kaye (Sesshomaru).  Also known as Sesshomaru, he is one of the better known American voice actors.  From video games to cartoons (he's the voice of Megatron, Ford Crueller AND Clank), he has quite the impressive resume.  And yes, he was on "X-Men Evolution". 

  7. Paul Dobson (Naraku, Myoga).  Another member of the crew from "X-Men Evolution", Dobson voices a few different characters.  Naraku and Myoga are his primaries on "Inuyasha", and he is relatively well known form several other US-based cartoons.

  8. Kirby Morrow ("Miroku").  Of the list, Morrow is probably best known for splitting his time between Japanese dubs and American work.  In addition to his work as Miroku on "Inuyasha", he appeared in a few episodes of "Stargate Atlantis", voiced Michaelangelo in the live action "TMNT" series, and voiced Goku from "Dragonball Z" for Canadian audiences.

  9. Kelly Sheridan ("Sango").  She did a great job as Sango, but is perhaps better known as the voice of Barbie in a number of different straight to video films.  Another "X-Men Evolution" alumnus in the "Inuyasha" voice actors club.

  10. Brian Drummond (Renkotsu).  Yes, he played a fairly minor character on "Inuyasha" compared to most in this group (Renkotsu).  But he brought us the line "OVER 9000!", and for this he deserves a spot.