Hot naked celebrities usually consist of beautiful actresses who bare it all in a movie, helping to draw people to the theater. While many beautiful women are often cast for their beauty over their actual ability, being a hot naked celebrity can be a money maker on it's own, regardless of talent. The best hot naked celebrities category is based on the celebrities you like and find attractive naked. It seems like every celebrity will end up getting naked at some point in their careers but the hottest ones are the ones we remember for years to come.

  1. Christina Ricci in "Black Snake Moan." Who knew Christina Ricci could be such a hot naked celebrity? She always played the quiet, slightly plump, impish girl in a number of different films until she ended up in "Black Snake Moan," as a sexy vixen who is hooked on sex while her boyfriend is oversea fighting in Iraq. Her joyous entry into the hot naked celebrity category is the only reason to really watch this movie.

  2. Betsy Russell in "Private School." Many people these days may not remember her or the movie "Private School" but back in the early 1980's, Betsy Russell was one of the hottest naked celebrities of the category. In the comedy, she rides around topless on a horse, with her perfect breasts exposed for everyone to see and observe in unadulterated beauty.

  3. Erica Durance in "House of the Dead." This hot naked celebrity was best known as the pretty girl on the television series "Smallville." Most male viewers had been dying to see her naked since she graced their television screens and they finally got it in the bad horror movie "House of the Dead." However her hot naked celebrity moment in this movie almost makes it worth watching,

  4. Jennifer Aniston in "The Break-Up." While you actually never see any real nudity in this mediocre comedy, Jennifer Anniston does bare it all in a number of screens that are technically off-camera. But just the implication to the audience that she is naked in the scene makes it enough for many guys to sit through and put Aniston in the hot naked celebrity category.

  5. Elle Macpherson in "Sirens." The Sport Illustrated swimsuit cover girl was one of the beautiful naked women in the movie "Sirens" and is one of her only hot naked celebrity moments (available to the public) to date. According to reports, she gained twenty pounds for the 1920's era role, in all the right places, making her one of the hottest naked celebrities in the category.

-Eli Kooris