There are tons of hot celebrity women, but we've come up with the list of the hottest and sexiest women in this category. While it can be hard to narrow it down, our list will provide you with the most gorgeous, successful and downright hot celebrity women. Ready to find out who made the list? Continue reading. 

  1. Jessica Alba Let's face it, Jessica Alba is blessed with good looks and an amazing body, and is definitely one of the hottest women on the planet. Her face and body can be seen in countless movies and magazine covers, and the world never seems to get tired of her. She is amazingly hot, after all. 

  2. Minka Kelly The gorgeous Minka Kelly was voted as "Esquire" magazine's Sexiest Woman Alive of 2010 and for good reason. She is stunning in both looks and personality, and really has the entire package. Currently, Kelly is dating Derek Jeter, the Yankees shortstop. Lucky guy. 

  3. Kristen Stewart Kristen is hot in a more real way and doesn't try to be someone she is not. Although Stewart may appear boyish or less put-together in some films she has played in, she still stuns everyone on the red carpet with her amazing good looks and genuine personality. We like Kristen because she is hot in a less obvious way than most women are on this list. 

  4. Diane Kruger Diane is a real beauty and has a great body on top of that. We love Diane's sexy legs that seem to stretch for miles and captivating smile she is often seen with. Diane played the role of Helen of Troy in "Troy" and from then on, we were mesmerized by this hot celebrity actress. 

  5. Rachel Bilson Rachel is petite and small, but still carries a sexiness about her wherever she goes. This dark-haired beauty first captivated us when she played Summer Roberts in "The O.C." television series. As of 2011, Bilson is dating her "Jumper" costar, Hayden Christensen

  6. Miranda Kerr This Victoria's Secret model is one of the hottest celebrity females of the year. She is also currently one of the top-paid models in the world and is married to Orlando Bloom. There is really nothing that Miranda Kerr doesn't have and she continues to amaze us everyday. 

  7. Kim Kardashian Kardashian has been a household name for the past few years and has really made a name for herself. Kardashian sports a body with womanly curves and femininity that many men worship and is just plain hot by most standards. If you enjoy a woman with a little meat on her bones, Kardashian is the ultimate package. The woman just oozes sexiness. 

  8. Blake Lively Blake is feminine and naturally pretty, making her very hot in the eyes of many. Blake has also really made herself into something and has blossomed into a full-blown movie star. At only 23 years old, Lively is one of the hottest women on the planet and is sure to get hotter.