These hot actresses from Europe have looks, personality, and sexy accents. They’re the perfect package and all have a special exotic quality to them. The women below hail from a number of different European countries, but all have made a name for themselves in American cinema.

Penelope Cruz

This Spanish beauty is a very hot actress from Europe. She has starred in a number of Spanish films, including “Volver” and “Broken Embraces.” She also continually appears as a seductress in English films like “Nine” and “Vicky Cristina Barcelona.”

Monica Belluci

A hot actress from Europe, this Italian doesn’t appear to ever age. She has a beautiful face, raven hair, and a super voluptuous body. She has appeared in controversial French films like “Irreversible” and Hollywood movies such as “The Matrix” trilogy and “Tears of the Sun.”

Marion Cotillard

This hot, French actress from Europe made her mark in the movie “La Vie en Rose.” She has since appeared in “Nine” alongside Penelope Cruz and in the action blockbuster, “Inception.”

Eva Green

Another French export, Eva has shot to fame in America as one of the hottest actresses from Europe. She turned many a male head in films as a lusty teen in “The Dreamers.” She earned the ultimate honor by playing a Bond girl in “Casino Royale.”

Diane Kruger

A German blonde bombshell, this hot actress from Europe first made a mark in America when she starred as Helen in “Troy,” She has since then appeared in films like “National Treasure” and “Inglorious Basterds.”

Catherine Zeta Jones

This Welsh actress has starred in a number of huge hits. The hot actress from Europe showed off her assets in movies like “Chicago,” “The Mask of Zorro,” and “Ocean’s 12.”

Keira Knightley

A British beauty, this hot actress from Europe became an instant sex symbol after appearing in “Pirates of the Caribbean.” She has kept up the sex appeal by starring in films like “Domino” and “Atonement.”

- Layla Sinclair