Hilary Swank movies are al relatively dramatic, as she is a more serious and dramatic actor since she became popular at the beginning of her career. Hilary Swank has always had a unique look, as far as her facial structure and how the camera "loves her." She has a classic look at times and also an almost masculine look, displaying an ability to play women of different eras, or even men. Some of the best movies made in the last decade have starred Hilary Swank, garnering her a number of different awards like Best Actress (twice) for her performances. The list of Hilary Swank movies below are ideal if you want to see all the different aspects of her acting ability.

  1. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Hilary Swank had a smaller part in this popular teen horror and action movie, but it is an important movie to include on this list, as it will show viewers what an early Hilary Swank looked like and was capable of as an actress. This should be the first Hilary Swank movie you watch off this list.

  2. "Boys Don't Cry." This edgy independent movie followed Hilary Swank's character Brandon Teena, who played a transvestite living in Wyoming and pretending to be a man. This performance was shocking and excellent, proving Hilary Swank was one of the best actresses currently performing in movies. It is more or less the film that truly launched her career and garnered her the first of two Oscars she has won for Best Actress.

  3. "Million Dollar Baby." Hilary Swank's starring role in this Clint Eastwood movie about a female boxer won her the second Oscar for Best actress. This movie came a brief five years after her first win, making her the third youngest woman to win two Oscars for her acting abilities.

  4. "Amelia." In this epic biopic, Hilary Swank portrayed famed female pilot Amelia Earhart, who was always trying to fly all over the world and disappeared mysteriously at sea. This fully encompassing role showed that this talented, well-awarded actress was capable of playing big roles as well as small roles and is truly one of the best actresses working in Hollywood today.