Here’s a guide to the "Legend Of The Seeker" cast. Based on the beloved and best selling book series, "Legend of the Seeker" spanned several books in the series. The television series only lasted for two seasons and focused on the three main characters, adding a fourth in the second season. The series only lasted for two seasons despite great fan support.

Craig Horner – "Legend of the Seeker" cast member Craig Horner played lead character Richard Cypher, who quest to avenge his father leads him to become the Seeker of Truth. Horner has eleven acting projects under his belt, most on television and began acting in 2001. He was born in Australia and stands at six foot two.

Bridget Regan – Actress and "Legend of the Seeker" cast member Bridget Regan played lead character Kahlan Amnell on "Legend of the Seeker". Regan has thirteen acting credits to her name, most on television, and studied at the University of North Carolina. She stands at five foot eight and had to dye and straighten her hair to play Kahlan in Legend of the Seeker.

Bruce Spence – The oldest member of the "Legend of the Seeker" cast Bruce Spence played Zeddicus Zul Zorander in "Legend of the Seeker". One of the most experienced actors on the show with 95 acting projects, a healthy mix of television and movies, under his belt. He’s won best actor awards at Tropfest and the Australian Film Institute and he was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor for "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome" from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films. He stands at six foot seven and was born in New Zealand. A fun fact, he usually plays more sinister characters, "Legend of the Seeker" is one of the few places in which he plays a good guy.

  Tabrett Bethell – "Legend of the Seeker" cast member Bethell plays Kara, a warrior loyal to the main character played by Craig Horner, and becomes a lead character during the second season. Like Bridget Regan she had to dye her hair for her role, her natural hair color is brown, while her character is blond. Her name resulted from a disagreement between her parents over what to name her; she’s named after a street in Sydney, Australia where she was born.