There aren’t too many actresses in Hollywood who are as hot or as willing to take off their clothes as the sexy Heather Graham, so it’s no surprise that many guys will go to see her movies just to see Heather Graham’s sex scenes. Many even admire her because typically, once an actress hits it big, they stop doing nude and sex scenes, but not this hottie. She knows just what makes us happy. Here are some of her best sex scenes.

  1. “Boogie Nights” Who could forget the role that made her famous? Her character of Rollergirl was high school dropout who made her way into the world of hardcore porn during the 1970’s. The Heather Graham sex scene that had everyone drooling was near the beginning of the film when she was told by her director to give Mark Wahlberg’s character, Dirk Diggler, an audition to be in a porn movie. She immediately stripped naked and went to town. Not bad for a debut scene in a movie.

  2. “Adrift in Manhattan” This ensemble drama focuses on Heather Graham’s character about a woman who has walled herself off from human contact after the death of her child. Just when you think this is going to be a sad movie, things start to pick up and fans are treated to yet another Heather Graham sex scene, this one as she disrobes and allows her love some rear-entry loving as audiences get a great view of her excellent posterior.

  3. “Killing Me Softly” Not long after Joseph Fiennes wowed audiences in his role as a young William Shakespeare in “Shakespeare in Love,” he was getting down and dirty with the star attraction in several Heather Graham sex scenes. In the movie, she plays a website developer who leaves her comfortable relationship to embark on one with a celebrity bad boy and have some great sex. And with the bad boy comes some occasional rough sex, which we are quite happy for.

  4. “Two Girls and A Guy” While it wasn’t as explicit in terms of nudity as some of her earlier work, this Heather Graham sex scene made up for it with sheer intensity. Playing one of two girlfriends for Robert Downey Jr.’s character, she goes down on him in one scene, gets him off with her hand in another and finally she moans while he goes down on her. Think that sounds fun? Just wait until you see what happens when Graham’s character finds out she’s not the only woman in his life.

  5. “Boogie Woogie” Heather Graham’s most recent sex scene is in this film, which describes itself as a comedy of manners. The story centers on the sale of some precious art while everyone is sleeping with one another or trying to get their hands on the art or at least the money. Heather’s sex scene appears about an hour into the film as she loses her top with her female lover (Jamie Winstone) while her partner loses her top exposing her pierced nipples right before they get down and dirty. Fun times for all.

- Mark Dodson