Halle Berry sex scenes show the former model turned Hollywood actress in a whole different and intimate light for her adoring fans. Sex scenes add a little bit of spice to any movie, and adding Halle Berry makes for a formula of explosive passion. Halle Berry is not known for doing too many sex scenes, and the movies where she does volunteer to show some skin are some for the history books. Actresses of Halle Berry's caliber only do sex scenes if they are tasteful and integral to the character and plot in order to show a deeper story. Halle Berry sex scenes must be savored like tender morsels in an entree for her loyal fans and audiences who cannot deny her stunning beauty.

  1. "Monster's Ball." Billy Bob Thornton and Halle Berry star as two lonely spirits who both must come to terms with their lives when tragedies strike both of their families. The racist prison guard, Hank, becomes unwittingly involved with the wife of his final death row inmate after the suicide of his son, Sonny, and the fatal car accident of her son, Tyrell. The pairs sex scene is explicit but theirs is a desperate grab at any semblance of love and companionship after the difficulties of finding peace alone after so much heartache.

  2. "Die Another Day." Pierce Brosnan returned as the British super spy James Bond, who travels across the globe to investigate ties between a known North Korean terrorist, Zao, and diamond mogul Gustav Graves. His adventures has him meet up with the alluring American agent, Jinx Johnson played by Halle Berry, who is also seeking to take down a plot to create a global spac weapon. After the villains get their just deserts, 007 and Jinx have a brief sex scene amidst a bed sprinkled with a girl's best friend—diamonds.

  3. "Boomerang." Eddie Murphy's Marcus is a prominent advertising executive that has absolutely no problem capturing the eye of his affections at every twist and turn. Marcus meets his match in Jacqueline, Robin Givens, after a company merger and learns she is as big a seductress as his libido which causes him to lose confidence in himself. He later becomes involved with her timid assistant Angela played by Halle Berry and the two share an implied sex scene which creates a rift amongst his best friend Gerard who's dating her.