"The Green Mile" actors' resumes are as interesting as the classic movie itself. The story is set in 1935 and takes place on a correctional facility's death row. The dark green linoleum tile floor of the cell block is where the Frank Darabont film gets its title. Check out this impressive list of "Green Mile" actors.

  1. Michael Clarke Duncan (John Coffey). A very large and intimidating man, the innocent Coffey has been sent to the green mile to await execution for the brutal murders of two little girls. Clarke gained attention for his ole in the 1998 film "Armageddon" and went on to star in such films as "The Planet Of The Apes," in 2001, and "Talladega Nights: The ballad of Ricky Bobby" in 2006.

  2. Tom Hanks" (Paul Edgecomb). Tom Hanks portrays the green mile's head guard, who witnesses John Coffey's healing of the other inmates. Hanks made his screen acting debut in the 1979 slasher movie "He Knows You're Alone," and went on to star in the 1993 romantic comedy "Sleepless in Seattle," opposite Meg Ryan. In 2000, Tom won a Golden Globe Award for best actor in a drama for his role in the movie "Cast Away." He was recently seen in both "Da Vinci Code" films.

  3. David Morse (Howell). Howell is one of the green mile guards, and is played by actor David Morse. Howell, along with the other guards comes to realize there is something different about John Coffey. David Morse's big break came when he was cast in the 1980 movie "Inside Moves." Morse is probably best know for his role as Dr. Jack "Boomer" Morrison on the TV series "St Elsewhere," which also starred Denzel Washington. David is the winner of an Obie Award for his role in the stage play "How I Learned To Drive."

  4. Barry Pepper (Stanton). Actor Barry Pepper plays Stanton, a green mile guard who along with the other guards is a witness to one of Coffey's miracles. Green Mile inmate John Coffey brings the pet mouse of a fellow inmate back to life soon after it was killed, which was what he was trying to do when he was found with the dead girls. Pepper gain attention for his role as a God fearing soldier in the 1998 movie "Saving private Ryan," in 1999 Barry appeared in the thriller "Enemy of the State," which also starred Gene Hackman and Will Smith.

  5. Graham Greene (Inmate). Graham Greene, a full-blooded Oneida from Canada, is probably best know for his role in Kevin Costner's 1990 directorial debut movie "Dances with Wolves." Greene is a versatile actor who just happens to portray Native Americans frequently.  Graham played a New York City detective in the 1995 blockbuster "Die Hard: With a Vengeance," which starred Bruce Willis.

Note: "The green Mile" also stars in supporting roles, Sam Rockwell and Michael Jeter as inmates, and James Cromwell as the warden.