Goodness Gracious! Dennis Quaid Movies

Monday, October 24 by Dan MacIntosh

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	There have been many fine Dennis Quaid movies. He's done a wide range of acting, from the <a href='' class='linkify' target='_blank'>western</a> Doc Holliday to <a href='' class='linkify' target='_blank'>the rocker</a> Jerry Lee Lewis. He plays a lot of great roles. He's also a good looking man, so he always looks good on screen whether he's playing a good or a bad guy.</p>
	<strong>"Far From Heaven"</strong></p>
<p style= dennis quaid far from heaven.jpg

"Far From Heaven" is, perhaps, Dennis Quaid's most acclaimed film. It's a Todd Haynes-written and -directed film set in 1950s Connecticut. Quaid stars opposite Julianne Moore, a housewife facing a marital crisis and intruding racial ensions. Quaid won the New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Supporting Actor, the Chicago Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actor and the Independent Spirit Award, among others.

"Wyatt Earp"

Wyatt Earp.jpg

This is a Dennis Quaid western. In it, he assumes the role of Doc Holliday, a gunman and a gambler who befriends the title character, Wyatt Earp. Earp is revealed in this film, both what's good about him and what's bad.

"Great Balls of Fire!"

great balls of fire.jpg

This Dennis Quaid movie is a bio-pic that tells the real life story of Jerry Lee Lewis who was an original rocker. Lewis was a wild man in real life and on stage where he'd pound his piano into submission. The film follows Lewis's rise to fame, as well as all the trials and tribulations of being a rocker back when rock 'n' roll wasn't as accepted as it is now.

"The Right Stuff"

The Right Stuff.jpg

This Dennis Quaid movie tells the story of the Mercury Seven, the astronauts for Project Mercury, the first US attempt at manned spaceflight. Quaid portrayed astronaut Gordon Cooper. This film was based on Tom Wolfe's 1979 book, "The Right Stuff." We take manned spaceflights for granted these days. Back then, however, these men were true pioneers.

"The Big Easy"

The Big Easy.jpg

This drama, set in New Orleans, stars Dennis Quaid as Det. Remy McSwain. McSwain is a lieutenant in homicide who must deal with a slew of gang killings. Quaid won the Independent Spirit Award for Best Lead Male Valladolid International Film Festival Award for Best Actor.

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