Golden Globe winners in 2007 were different from those films, actors and directors who wo the Academy Awards that year. This is usually the case, as the two organizations try to separate themselves from each other. Also, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has more categories, honoring television shows and dividing film categories into dramas and comedies. Here are the Golden Globe 2007 winners:

  1. Best Picture (Drama): "Babel." This Golden Globe winner is a story about a gun in a number of different parts. It follows four different story lines around the world and how they are all connected. This film starred big names like Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett but also a number of smaller, incredibly talented actors who were foreign and relativel unknown among American audiences. A perfect film for the HFPA to get behind.

  2. Best Picture (Musical or Comedy): "Dreamgirls." In this Golden Globe winning musical, the story follows a number of female African American singers who must band together to survive in the entertainment business and in life. It was an uplifting film which launched the career of Jennifer Hudson and made Beyonce bigger then she already was.

  3. Best Actress (Drama): Helen Mirren in "The Queen." Helen Mirren, who has been acting for decades, gave a spectacular performance as the Queen of England. This garnered her a Golden Globe win in 2007 for this performance.

  4. Best Actor (Drama): Forest Whitaker in "The Last King of Scotland." Forest Whitaker had already proven himself as great actor in "The Crying Game" and a handful of other films, but this amazingly powerful performance as nationalist dictator Idi Amin in Uganda was one of the most deserving performances of a Golden Globe in 2007.

  5. Best Actress (Comedy): Meryl Streep in "Th Devil Wears Prada." The performance by Streep as a ruthless boss in the fashion industry in New York garnered her yet another Golden Globe in 2007.

  6. Best Actor (Comedy): Sacha Baron Cohen in "Borat." Perhaps one of the most brilliant comedic performances and funniest films released that decade, Cohen's "Borat" character from Kazakhstan was easily the most entertaining and laugh-out-loud hilarious film of 2007, making him well deserving of the Golden Globe win that year.

  7. Best Television Series (Drama): "Grey's Anatomy." This late-night soap had one of it's best season in 2007, making it the top drama in the eyes of the HFPA that year and worthy of a Golden Globe. 

  8. Best Television Series (Comedy): "Ugly Betty." A counterintuitive hour-long comedy, "Ugly Betty" was a unique and inspired choice for the Golden Globe win in 2007 fore best comedy television series.