The Golden Globe 2009 winners were memorable for a few really great awards. The actors and directors are noteworthy for 2009. They cover a wide range of people from all walks of life. Here they are listed from actor's awards to directors.

  1. Best Actress In a Motion Picture for the Golden Globe 2009 Winner was Kate Winslet for "Revolutionary Road." She had an outstanding performance as a woman that goes into areas of life that her husband can't imagine. Set in a time period of sexual frustration, the movie is an interesting insight into the time.

  2. Best Performance by an actor in Motion Picture was Mickey Rourke. The movie was "The Wrestler." It's a movie about the rise and fall of a man who is in the middle of a major life crisis.

  3. Best Motion Picture of a Comedy or Musical for the Golden Globe 2009 Winner was awarded to "Vicki Christina Barcelona." The musical soundtrack is cultural and steamy. Spanish love affairs rule this moving piece of cultural enlightenment.

  4. Best Performance in a Comedy or Drama was given to Sally Hawkins. Her movie was "Happy - Go - Lucky." That was a surprise because it failed at the box office, but it won this and was one of the Golden Globe 2009 Winners just the same.

  5. Best Animated Feature Film was one of the cutest films of the year. "Wall- E" won with accolades to the sweet story of a robot and a new world. The last robot standing was what it was first called. "Wall - E" is too cute though, you have to admit it.

  6. The Best Foreign Film Award for Golden Globe 2009 Winner was given to "Waltz with Bashir." It is a film from Israel about the Israeli army in 1982. It's really moving and insightful.

  7. Best Screenplay was awarded to Danny Boyle. The movie was "Slumdog Millionaire." It was quite a smashing success for the Golden Globe 2009 winners. It is about the struggle of  a man in India that finds himself in a horrible situation.