This Gerard Butler bio begins with his hometown where the the world's wackiest pattern derived its name: Paisley, Scotland. That's right. Those crazy paisley sweaters were named after a town in Scotland, although you don't see too many people wearing them there. It was in nearby Glasgow on November 13, 1969 where Gerard Butler was born to parents Margaret and Edward Butler. His parents split up when he was two-years-old, and he was primarily raised by his mother in Paisley. During his first year on the planet, Butler and family enjoyed a brief few months in Montreal, Canada before moving back to Paisley after the divorce. 

Gerard Butler grew up in a single mom family as the youngest of three siblings. He never knew his dad until he developed a brief relationship with him in his mid teens— he unfortunately died a few short years later. 

Butler studied law at Glasgow University and became the president of the school's law society. After getting a taste of theater while acting in a Shakespeare's "Coriolanus", Gerard Butler decided to abandon his plans to become a lawyer and persue life as a thespian. 

It was after college graduation that Gerard Butler moved to Hollywood to try and make it big on the silver screen. His only triumph was a supporting role in the 1992 film, "The Bodyguard". Discouraged, Butler moved back to Scotland and continued his law training. He settled for local theater companies to quench his actin thirst

But local theater proved to not be enough, and in 1997 and 1998 he landed supporting roles in films such "Mrs. Brown", the James Bond flick "Tomorrow Never Dies" and "Tale of the Mummy". Despite these gigs, Gerard Butler still just didn't catch on as a household name. 

Surprisingly, the movie responsible for Gerard Butler's success is the 2001 USA Network miniseries called "Attila". It was after this leading role that Butler began getting attention from directors. It wasn't long after that he played the phantom character in the 2004 film, "Phantom of the Opera".

"Phantom of the Opera" was only the beginning for Gerard Butler—proving to be a role that led to more roles. Butler played a dad in "Dear Frankie" the following year and a Norse soldier in "Beowulf and Grendel" the next year.

However, Butler's most groundbreaking role didn't come until he donned a sword and sandals as King Leonidas of Sparta in the testosterone-charged "300" in 2006, where he truly gained badass status and became a household name. Now, he's even touted as one of the sexiest men alive in celebrity magazines, thanks in part to his charming Scottish accent (we all know how women love those accents). Later starring roles have included "The Ugly Truth", "Gamer" and "The Bounty Hunter"; but as Gerald Butler's biography is an ongoing work of art, we're sure there will be many more to come.