A funny comedian with a sharp wit, there are several George Lopez quotes that make us laugh or think.  Whether he is waxing poetic about relationships and life, or just plain saying what we all wish we could say out loud, Lopez remains funny, straight and most of all, honest.

"I didn't come from a background where I saw a lot of loving couples. All my aunts and uncles were either split up on fighting all the time. The only healthy relationships I saw were on TV."-This may explain why his successful show based on family values, albeit slightly dysfunctional ones, was such a success in this George Lopez quote. On the other hand, it might explain why healthy relationships only exist in the realm of fiction. Sigh.

"Two wrongs do not make a right; but three rights make a left."- You may have to think about this one a bit. Let it roll over you. Then laugh like crazy.

"I actually graze at several of the homes while I'm playing. There a lot of food going on. I drink and eat and use the restrooms in a lot of the houses. What better way to really get closer to the fans than to steal their soap from the restrooms as they allow you to enter their homes?"- George Lopez takes advantage of his fame in this funny quote. And hey, if you had George Lopez in your home, wouldn't you want to feed him?

“It's good to see people not smoking. You get dressed up, and you smoke, and it gets in your clothes. You go, ‘What should I wear tonight?’ ‘I don't know, honey, how about something menthol?’”- Actually, this George Lopez quote would make a pretty good public service announcement. If the cancer doesn't get you, the clothing smell will. Go to any bar and find that out the hard way.

“Y'know, if those pews reclined and the priests gave the Raiders scores, I'd go to church every Sunday." - Throw in a couple of brewskis, and maybe a hot parishioner or two, and most men would agree with this quote. And, it would be a great way to get them to actually look forward to going to church.

- Cheryl Zaidan