George Clooney girlfriends are testament to how classy Clooney is as a movie star, actor and man. Every one of his girlfriends has been incredibly beautiful in a classic, memorable way. Most of them are also women we have never heard of, models or just beauties who are real women, seemingly not using Clooney's popularity for a career boost (though you can never be sure). Check out the list below of the gorgeous women Clooney has dated over the years so you can wish you were him (or perhaps one of these lucky ladies) even more.

Elisabetta Canalis. At the 2009 Venice Film Festival, George Clooney's girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis was introduced. She is an Italian model and actress. She is a tall, classically beautiful brunette who would devastate most men in the world. Except for George Clooney, of course.

Sarah Larson. Back in 2007, George Clooney's girlfriend was Sarah Larson, a model, actress and "Fear Factor" winner. This means she would eat anything, which is both a little bit of a turn-on and a little bothersome. They were in a motorcycle accident together, and Larson broke her foot. She also was the first women to accompany him to the Academy Awards.

Krista Allen. One of the most beautiful American actresses and swimsuit models (known best for her "Baywatch: Hawaii" poses), Krista Allen was one of the most notably established women who was a George Clooney girlfriend. She has been an on-again, off-again girlfriend over the years.

Lisa Snowdon. Another one of George Clooney's on-again, off-again girlfriends is Lisa Snowdon, a British model. She has had a tough time dealing with the constant media attention, especially from the British tabloids.

Celine Balitran. The gorgeous French waitress and law student Celine Balitran became George Clooney's girlfriend in 1997, when he was in France filming "The Peacemaker." She was one of his first girlfriends after his break-up with Kelly Preston.

- Eli Kooris