On May 28, 2010, Gary Coleman's death shocked many fans everywhere, due to being only 42 years old. The small-statured size star was a big 80s icon in "Diff'rent Strokes". His popular catchphrase "Watchu talkin bout Willis" was one of the most favorite and memorable lines in TV history. However, his death was full of controversy with speculations surrounding his ex-wife's possible involvement in his early demise.

Months before his death. Like many child stars before him, Gary Coleman's death ended on a tragic note as he passed away at age 42. However to many, it came with no surprise as he vent with anger and disgust on the nationwide TV show, "The Insider", in February 2010, expressing a very honest opinion with district attorney, Lisa Bloom, a guest panelist on the show. After Bloom questioned Gary Coleman about the domestic violence allegations over his then wife, Shannon Price, and Coleman's repeat denial of it, Bloom's pandering drove the star over the edge, cursing out the entire panel and leaving the set. Prior to the interview, Gary Coleman had his own personal health issues throughout the years, kidney problems relating to the disorder congenital autoimmune due to his height, including a 2009 heart surgery. Add his constant financial struggles and lack of work in Hollywood, were too much of a burden for the former child star, which explains his anger over his last few years.

Death of Coleman. On May 26 2010, Gary Coleman fell down the stairs in his Utah home, shared with his ex-wife Shannon Price. Coleman went to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center where the hospital representative stated Coleman was in and out of consciousness. By the morning of May 27, he fell into a deep coma and his condition worse, as Coleman was place on life support. On May 28th, 2010, Price made the decision to remove him off life support and pronounced dead at 12:05pm.

Controversy surrounding his death. After Gary Coleman's death, speculations from the media to fans targeted Price for the accident that took place in their Utah home. Many believed Price pushed Coleman down a flight of stairs after a heated argument, and questions begin to arise after a released taping of a conversation between Price and a paramedic, revealing her nonchalant response and refusal to give CPR to her dying ex husband. Price made more headlines in the news after pulling Gary Coleman off life support, citing she were forced. According to TMZ, Coleman signed a legal document expressing wishes to stay on life support, if he were ever in the situation. In her defense, Price later filed the documents to have complete control over Coleman's body while she and the star's adoptive parents fought over who get his remains. Eventually, Price had total control after Coleman parents bowed out, and Coleman was cremated with his ashes thrown over railroad tracks in June 2010.