Cameron Diaz movies are numerous and span over the past twenty years or so since she first broke into Hollywood as another blonde bombshell. Despite her incredible beauty, Cameron Diaz has a true talent for acting, allowing her list of movies on her resume to grow steadily. She has been in comedies, action films, dramas and a number of other genres, showing that Cameron Diaz movies are more diverse than most people might think. Check out this list of the best Cameron Diaz movies you should see to truly understand the diverse types of films she has starred in.

"The Mask" This Cameron Diaz movie was the first movie the actress ever starred in (opposite rising star Jim Carrey) as the love interest in this bizarrely funny and violent movie about a mask that transforms a guy into a criminal. This movie was Cameron Diaz's big break, as she took everyone by surprise by how beautiful she was.

"A Life Less Ordinary" This Cameron Diaz movie was directed by Danny Boyle and starred Ewan McGregor. It was a bizarre drama about angels, life and death, and showed that Diaz could be in more than romantic comedies and slapstick movies. This movie helped open up Cameron Diaz's career a bit, despite not doing well at the box office.

"There's Something About Mary" One of the biggest Cameron Diaz movies ever, this comedy made her a household name as she starred as Ben Stiller's love interest and titular character he is trying to win back. Through some crude humor in a number of memorable scenes, Cameron Diaz really established herself as an A-list comic actress.

"Gangs of New York" In this Cameron Diaz movie, she enters the dramatic epic world of Martin Scorcese and late nineteenth century America. She plays a woman who in taken advantage of, used and often abused. It is a darker role for Diaz and one that she was able to excel, showing that perhaps she could act in more than comedies in the future.

"Bad TeacherThis Cameron Diaz movie is a dark comedy, signaling Cameron Diaz's return to what she knows how to do best. This film is about bad teacher who suddenly has to change her ways so she can keep her job.