Female celebrity tattoos are as hot as the celebrities that have them. Tattoos used to be associated with men but this time around, even female celebrities with their immaculately beautiful skin are having their own unique tattoos. The tattoos chosen by female celebrities tend to be smaller and less conspicuous, but they are equally appealing.

Angelina Jolie is known to have started the trend of adopting children from third world countries.

But instead of having the name of the countries of origin of her adopted children so had the unique idea of having the coordinates of those countries tattooed on left upper arm.

Beyonce Knowles has a praying angel tattoo on her left upper thigh.

This adds spice to her hot performances especially when she’s swinging those hips and thighs. No pun is intended to have an innocent looking angel pretty close to Beyonce’s heaven.

Victoria Beckham has several tattoos that are dedicated to her family and husband.

The initials of her husband “DB” are tattooed on her wrist and “May 08 1997,” which is the first time she and her husband got intimate. 5 stars are also tattooed on her lower back to represent the members of her family and a Hebrew tattoo on her nape which reads “I am my beloveds and my beloved is mine.”

Rihanna has a French tattoo on the left side of her neck which reads “rebelle fleur” which translates to “rebel flower.”

In French though, adjectives usually follow the nouns they describe. In this case, it would have been more correct if it read “fleur rebelled”.

Pamela Anderson popularized the barbwire tattoo when she played Barb in Barb Wire.

Other celebrity such as Cheryl Tweedy has a similar tattoo, but Pamela Anderson is the one that made this tattoo a mark (get it? A mark?).

Perhaps the most popular location for female celebrity tattoos is the lower back.

Anna Kournikova, Cheryl Tweedy, Eva Longoria, Lindsay Lohan, and many more surely know how to make their hot bodies look hotter with tattoos on this part of their bodies. This really makes viewing of their behinds more spectacular.